Saturday, March 24, 2012

Wooden box gardens

Wow am I tired.  I spent the whole day working in the yard because it was a beautiful sunny day out. 
Remember those wooden boxes I brought home from my grandmother's? Well I put them to use.

There was a ugly bush taking up this space so I cut that sucker out.  That thing was ugly and honestly if its not giving me anything, its out! One day my yard will be 100% edible. How cool would that be? Awesome! These three boxes will be my daughters gardens.  They get to plant anything they want in there and will have to take care of the garden all by themselves. They are very excited.

I also found a place for one of my old ladders I also brought home from gram's place.  It was sturdy enough to hold a few plants and random things.  I also lined the canning kettles with plastic, added some soil and planted a few prim roses.  Once my marigolds start growing I will add those in later.  I know what your thinking.  Plastic? I lined them because I didn't want to ruin the kettles.  Also were not eating anything growing in there so it will be fine. 

In the other corner I put the potato bucket from gram's place.  This was dug in the ground half way sticking out.  She kept her potatoes in there for storage.  I then placed my kitty planter by it.  I love how this adds color to the front door area. 

The girls have discovered the compost pile finally.  Little do they know this will be going away shortly.  Sorry girls.  They are getting so big.  They should start laying soon.  I'm so excited!

It was a long and productive day for me.  My back was killing me so I took a super hot bath and am now in my pj's and having a cold one.  Life is good!

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Angela Wilder said...

I absolutely adore those hens!