Monday, March 5, 2012

March NW Garden News

March is a tough month for me.  You can wake up and have a wonderful sunny day.  Get lots of things done in the garden and think of stuff to do tomorrow.  Wake up the next day and it can be rainy and cold out. This is when you want to start thinking of hardy plants.  These "hardy" plants can withstand temperatures as low as 25 degrees.  They also can be planted in the fall and left out.  When spring comes they bloom in fully glory. 

Half hardy plants are not as tolerant.  They can withstand freezing temperatures but only for a few days.  They love night temperatures of 40-50's  and although you can start them early, I wouldn't put them outside till April.  Plants that can be started early but not planted till April are carrots, beets, Chinese cabbage, dill, summer savory, spring broccoli and cauliflower.

Tender plants can be killed with the slightest weather chance.  I have learned this lesson the hard way.  This year will be different and I will wait it out for good weather.  Tomatoes will be planted in May. Heat-dependent crops such as basil, peppers and eggplants cannot be planted until the first of June.  Most recommend to grow them under a cloche all summer long.

With that being said here's your great list of plants for the month of March.

SOW OUTDOORS throughout March

Onion family-Onion sets (for green onions)

Carrot family
Chervil-Brussels Winter, Turnip Rooted
Cilantro-Slo Bold
Sweet Cicely
Parsley-Hamburg Root Parsley

Mustard Family
Arugula, Rustic
Cress-Broadleaf, Peppergrass
Radishes-French Breakfast, Fluo, Easter Egg, White Icicle, Tokinashi
Turnips-Tokyo Market, Ohno Scarlet, Presto, Orange Jelly, Golden Ball, Yorii Spring
Oriental Greens-Komatsu-na

Beet Family
Spinach-Tyee, Wolter, Skookum, Olumpia
Swiss Chard-Five-colored Silver Beet(bright lights), Chorlotte, Fordhook, Rhubarb, Perpetual Spinach

Pea Family
Snap Peas-Cascadia, Sugar Daddy
Snow Peas-Oregon Giant, Oregon Sugar Pod, Dwarf Grey Sugar
Shelling Peas-Petit Pois, Wavertex, Maestro, Oregon Trail, Olympia
Garbanzo Beans-Black Kabouli, Chestnut Lentils

Flax Family

Purslane Family
Minors Lettuce

Sunflower Family
Jerusalem Artichokes-Dwarf Sunray, Fuseau, Smooth Garnet, Stampede.

Nightshade Family
Potatoes-Bintje, Yellow Finn, Urgenta, Ruby Cresent, Russian Banana, Anna Cheeka's Ozette, Peruvian Blue, Cinnabar, Blue Cloud, Sunset, Rojo, Blossom.


Carrot Family
Carrots,baby-Gigante D'Italia, Italian Flat-Leaf, Darki, Krausa

Mustard Family
Broccoli-Calabrese, Premium Crop, Romenesco, Umpqua, Rosiland, Decicco, Shogun
Broccoli Raav-Spring Raab
Cabbage-Early Jersey Wakefield, Golden Acre, Red Acre, Salarite, Derby Day
Chinese Cabbage-Nerva
Mustard-Green Wave, Red Giant, Mizuna.
Radishes-Cherry Belle, French Breakfast, Flue, Easter Egg, White Icycle.
Oriental Greens-Pac Choi, Joi Choi, Tah Tsai, Komatsu-na

Beet Family
Beets-Detroit Dark Red, Chioggia, Early Wonder, Kestral

Sunflower Family
Endive-Frisee, President, Perfect
Lettuce-Deer Tongue, Red Ridinghood, Drunken Woman Fringe-Headed, Mascara, Bronze Arrow, Simpson, Freckles, Capiraine, New Red Fire


Onion Family
Chives-Grolau, Pink Flowered, Common
Garlic Chives-
Broadleaf Chives
Leeks-(early tall varieties)Varna, Otina, Splendid, Le Lyon, Sherwood.
Green Onions-Evergreen White, Ishikuri Long, Red Beard, Welsh Onion, Kincho Long

Carrot Family
Celeriac-Brilliant, Diamant, Giant Prague, Dolvi
Celery-Utah, Red Stalk, Ventura
Cutting Celery-Heung-Kun, Par-cel, Dinant, Amsterdam Fine, Mitsuba
Finnocchio-(bulbing Fennel)Romy, Perfection
Parsley-Italian Flat, Gigante D'Italia, Moss Curled, Krausa

Mustard Family
Broccoli-Calabrese, Premium Crop, Romenesco, Umpqua, Rosiland, Decicco
Cabbage-Early Jersey Wakefield, Golden Acre, Red Acre, Solarite, Derby Day.
Cauliflower-Early Snowball, Snow Crown, Ravella

Beet Family
Good King Henry
New Zealand Spinach

Buckwheat Family
Golden Sorrel

Mint Family
Anise Hyssop
Summer Savory
Lemon Anise Hyssop
Lemon Balm

Nightshade Family
Sweet Peppers
Hot Peppers
Slicing Tomatoes
Cherry Tomatoes
Paste Tomatoes
Ground Cherry
Garden Huckleberry

Now get in the garden and get dirty!

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