Saturday, June 30, 2012

Go Green, Get Fit Challenge Week 2 Sore Buns

On Thursday instead of driving up to the store we rode our bikes. When I say we I mean me and the 4 girls in tow. There are many lights, a highway, a under pass and lots of hills involved in this trip.  I packed water and home made dehydrated banana chips for energy and pit stops along  the way. We recently invested in a small bike trailer that I tow behind my bike. And yes that is my bike you see there.  A vintage 1950's with a new paint job but original seat and everything else. Old school brakes, old school single speed and old school hard as hell seat.   In total our trip was about 4 miles.  I'm feeling all 4 miles on my butt today. Can you say sore? But we rocked it and it feels good knowing we had exercise and didn't need a car to get where we wanted. We will do this often!

 This week we will be eating snap pea's.  I just love how they climb up anything you put out or them.

 Bok Choy is starting to bloom so I will be making soup tonight and tossing that in. Should be super yummy!
 I have lots of kale up and growing. Maybe I will dehydrate them into kale chips. Mmmm kale chips!

 I think we will be eating green, yellow wax and burgandy beans later this week. I didn't plant as many this year so we will be eating them fresh and not freezing them.  My kids kinda got sick of them last year. I didn't know there was such a thing as too many beans. Who knew!

 Last year I planted echinacea but it didn't bloom. This year they are twice the size and ready to bloom. Can't wait! I will need to research how to harvest them so I don't have to buy anymore.  We use it often when we are sick.

 One of my blueberry plants is finally giving me some blueberries. And when I say some I really mean about three of them. My girls love eating out of the garden and these are their favorite snacks. I will be heading out to U Pick them very soon. This year I plan to make blueberry jelly and freeze lots of them so we can eat them all year long. My raspberries are full of fruit this week and what the slugs are not eating we are. Slug eaten ones are tossed into the chicken coop for a treat. The chickens love rasperries and strawberries. Heck they love anything!

Last but not least my geraniums are finally blooming. I love the beautiful red color and the sweet smell they give me. It's been a good week and I am happy to report this Go Green Get Fit Challenge has me getting off my butt and up and motivated.

My fitness this week

Taking a 4 mile bike ride with the kids.

Playing Wii 3 Just Dance with my girls. Seriously you can get a good work out with that game.

Turning off the tv and just enjoying the silence.

Opening up all the windows and enjoying this lovely wind blowing through and into our home.

Tonight we are doing our yoga DVD

So have you joined the Go Green Get Fit Challenge yet?

What are you waiting for? Go sign up and start getting your ass on  the move!

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Katy Farber said...

Way to go on the bike ride! Love it. Love all your veggies too. We enjoy Kale chips a great deal. Have you seen the Eat More Kale shirts? Keep up the great work!