Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Go Green, Get Fit Challenge

I have lost my motivation completely. I signed up for my third half marathon months ago. I tried training like usual but had some major problems with my hips hurting me.  When the day of the race came I sucked it up and ran it anyways because you see I was running with my daughter.  No way was I going to disappoint her. I only made it half way but I did it. My daughter and I had an amazing time but we both suffered afterwards.  It was her first race so of course she was going to be sore. It took me two weeks to get back to normal. And now it seems like ever since I just keep giving excuses why I cannot train.  And now I have another race coming up on the forth of July. This challenge is exactly what I needed to get motivated. That and knowing 29 other bloggers will be watching my every move. MOTIVATION!

Erin from Healthy Home Magazine and Kimberly from EcoMom Alliance came up with this great idea to get some green bloggers to take a GO Green Get Fit Challenge and to write about it over a 12 week period starting June 18th.   When I heard about it it peeked my curiosity.  But I was scared because of my whole hip issue. Then it hit me. ANOTHER EXCUSE! I'm so done with excuses so I said the hell with it and signed myself up. Too late to go back now!

My fitness goals in a nut shell

Running-Suck it up and get my ass out on the pavement. Ive been a casual runner since right out of high school.  It was never a thing I had to work on and I now realize how lucky I really am.  I can run easily 3 or 4 miles with no problem. I would like to be able to run 10 miles easily.   My goal is to push myself a little more each run and report it to you no matter how much or little I run.  Talk about pressure!

Yoga-I took yoga class a few years back because it was a co worker of my husband who was teaching the class.  And for $30 a month I couldn't complain one bit. Well my dear instructor moved away.  Lets just say I'm not in any yoga shape anymore.  My husband purchased a yoga DVD recently and we were doing yoga 2 times a week but stopped.  My goal is to keep at yoga 2 times a week with or without my husband.  Honestly I really love my time with my husband so I'm hoping he will do it with me.  Ya hear that honey? No excuses!

Okay so whose ready to ditch the excuses and get off their asses with me? Good! Go check them out on Twitter  or Pinterest and be sure to leave a comment here so I know to watch you meet your goals.


Tamara said...

Have you done Pilates?

Enjoy meeting, and surpassing your goals.

Tamara said...

Have you tried Pilates? I could totally see you enjoying Pilates.

Enjoy meeting, and surpassing your goals.

Surviving and thriving on pennies said...

Never tried that Tamara. I do have a fb friend who teaches a class. Maybe I will have to try it out sometime. She is located on the corner of West Union/Cornielus Pass so its right by the hubbies work. Thanks for the advise!

Brenna Burke said...

You can do it, Nancy! So glad to be participating with you.