Thursday, October 2, 2008

Homemade Laundry detergent for 1 penny per load and dishwashing detergent

2 of my daughters are allergic to all dyes and perfumes and both have eczema. I have had to learn this on my own due to doctors not knowing exactly what was causing the eczema. Trial and error and lots of help from other moms going through the same thing.

I have had to research and learn how to make laundry detergent. They are pretty expensive in the stores. Just for laundry soap alone its $8.99-$13.99 for one bottle of the soap. Yes they are plant based but this doesn't concern me because I just need perfume and dye free soap. Here is my recipe for laundry soap that I use everyday and has made a huge impact on my daughters eczema. Theirs has almost completely disappeared.

Did the math and this soap is 1 penny per load. So would you like to pay $8.99 for 32 loads?
Or 32 cents?

Homemade Laundry Soap

Things you will need:
5 gallon bucket with secure lid(can buy for around $5 Walmart or paint supplies or use old large container of dry laundry soap.
1 bar of soap (I use plant based) use 1/3 bar with any non natural soap bar
1/2 cup Washing Soda (found at Winco) Removes dirt and odors
1/2 cup of Borax (found at Winco, Albertsons, Walmart) whitener deodorizer
few drops of natural oils. (lavender is my favorite but use tea tree oil to get stains out better)

Grate your bar of soap and put in a medium sauce pan. Add 6 cups of water and stir with whisk on medium heat until soap is completely dissolved. Turn off heat. Add borax and washing soda and stir well. Pour 4 cups of hot water into your bucket and add your hot mixture into it while whisking. Next add 1 gallon and 6 cups of  warm water into bucket and continue to stir. It will gel up almost immediately. Use 1/2 cup per load for regular washers and 1/4 cup for energy efficient washers.

Once in a while you will need to remix the soap, it will thicken up and water will go to bottom so just remember to stir once in a while. This soap even gets out pee oders from animals and children. My 3 yr old twins are almost done with potty training and this gets out all accidents with no left over smells.
I do 2+ loads a day washing clothing for my 6 person family. Been using this for over a year now and find it works better than any other soap Ive used in the past.
PLEASE keep out of reach from children. Only use containers with a secure lid so children cannot get into it. Keep it locked up or out of reach from children.

Disclaimer: This is a recipe that Ive used for a year now with my energy efficient washer and have has no issues with anything. I am not responsible for anything that happens to your washer or clothes. I would test this before using it on your clothing. Again Ive yet to encounter anything at all going wrong with this soap. Use at your own risk. Please call poison control if eaten or gets into eyes.

Soap bars-I usually use Trader Joe soaps because they are natural and only cost $1.49 for two. Oatmeal is a favorite because its a natural laundry softener and you don't have to use dryer sheets. I use tea tree oil bars for hard to get stains out. Its a natural oil used for years for many things and this is one way. Try not to buy soaps with chunks. Oatmeal bars, and lavender bars usually have the chunks in it. Trader Joe's has no chunks so I recommend them. If you don't need natural soaps and like the scent of your favorite body bar of soap, you can use this as well but you need to know it will sud up more. So use 1/3 the bar.

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