Thursday, October 2, 2008

WARNING Flameless Candle or any Plug Type Room Freshener Owners with Children

To the parents who have children  and own a flameless  Candle (don't want to be sued but its a name brand and you can buy them anywhere)

Two of my daughters have eczema and are allergic all dyes and perfumes. Ive found ways around this by making my own soap, and only using plant based products. I thought it was only for things "touching" their skin. They didn't ever have any breathing problems or anything like that, it was just their eczema would act up. So last week I bought a flameless Candle and put it in their room. They are still some what potty training and I wanted to freshen up their room and this was perfect. They wouldn't even know it was there, and I didn't have to plug it in. I put it in their room when they were not in there and put it on a super high shelf so they couldn't reach it. Battery operated so it was perfect.

Then the nose bleeds would start. Just about every night or nap one of my twins would get a nose bleed. The twin with allergies and eczema. My other twin hasn't had any issues(she has no allergies or eczema) or nose bleeds. Every night this week, a nose bleed. So last night I was trying to figure out what was different that we were doing that would cause this. The candle was the only thing. So I took the candle out of their room and guess what happened? No nose bleed!

So I looked up this company on the computer to find out the warnings and such of this product. No warnings of anything about the oils, if you need to keep doors open, etc. Couldn't even find out what kind of oils are in it. So I emailed them telling them my story. Within 10 minutes I received a phone call from them. I gave them my info, they switched to their health people and I talked to them. He said that its synthetic perfumes, not natural oils they use. I told them that they should state this on their packaging. After all was said and done, they are sending me a check to cover the candle.

I called my child's doctor and told them what was going on and we have an appointment next week to discuss eczema and their allergies. I will keep you posted. So if you have a child who is allergic to dyes or perfumes, yes it doesn't have to touch their body to still be allergic to it. They can even get reactions from breathing in the fumes.

Update: I now use a Aura Cacia diffuser that I can add my own essential oils and put in any plug in my house. These have never given my daughters nose bleeds and I know that there are no synthetic fragrances in them. You can find them in most Whole Foods or natural grocery stores or get them online.

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