Monday, October 13, 2008

A Thrifty 30 day challenge

Has it been hard to find ways to buy everything your kids need? Do you have to budget in just about everything? This month im giving you a challenge. How about instead of budgeting in things you need, try to find it at a thrift store or yard sale? You would be suprised what goodies are at them. I know of alot of people who are afraid of used things, or just even shopping in these places. I promise nothing is going to happen if you buy something used. Iven been wearing, using and shopping in these places since I was born. There is nothing to be afraid of. My earliest memories are digging in out of the way thrift stores looking for cool finds. And let me just say that the thrift stores these days are WAY better and cleaner than back then.
Let me give you an example. Ive always had a facination with Tupperware since I was little. I just love the stuff. I dont like the newer kinds (not big on pastels or primary colors). I like the old retro kinds. And the only place you can find them is in thrift stores and yard sales. Ive recently started activily looking for it so I can replace my old #1 plastic containers. You know, the kinds you get your lunch meat in, or you can even just buy them by themselves. #1 plastic holds odors and bacteria. I would like to have all safe plastic for my family to use. Old Tupperware is perfect. Plus you get them for super cheap in the thrift stores. Once a week I hit up my 2 favorite thrift stores for Tupperware and finds. Here is what I found last time

1 Tupperware cup 10 cents
2 Halloween outfits $2.00-im saving money, saving it from the landfields, and my kids are having fun coming up with a cool halloween outfit.
2 pairs Adidas soccer shoe's $1-larger size for next year. Will save me $20 next year. I washed them and let them air dry.
3 pairs of kids play shoe's $3.00-I just paid $20 for two pairs of new shoes for my girls. UURR! If I just waited I could of saved a bundle. They can use these for play and the others for family events.
4 books-$1. This is the best way to buy books. If my 3 yr olds tear pages or write in them, im only out 25 cents each.

So try this for a month and see how much you will save. Need another ice tray? They have tons. Looking for play clothes, yep they have it. Plus you can donate anything you dont want at the same time. Two goals with one stone. Try this and I promise you will be inspired. And even better, support your local centers. All profits from my two favorite stores go to the senior center and womens center.
These days we need to save as much money as we can. Why not inspire our children to recycle and support our local charity?

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