Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Encourage and teach

Last night while I should of been sleeping, I was thinking about ways to encourage and teach others to be more earth friendly. I had spent the day with my mother running errands and just spending time with each other. I am a pretty nice person and do not like to push my idea's on anyone, but I do like to encourage who ever I can. When it comes to my mother, I can be pretty honest with her and she will even ask me questions about things I do and why I do them. Yes, sometimes I go to extremes with things in my own home and I think she sometimes wonders why. Well same goes for me. I try to understand why someone wouldn't want to be more earth friendly. I think its an age thing to be honest. My mom is over 50 (not gonna go there) and she is pretty much set in her ways. She likes things just the way they are. So when I try to encourage her, some times I get no where. But I still try. We went to a store and I asked the cashier to not put my items in a bag. My mother then bought some items and I swear the cashier put her items in a dozen bags. I almost fell over. (sorry mom!). But to be fair, my mom does use these bags for her small trash bags and are used for other things. But still......gasp.
Why do you keep doing it? Well I'm not sure. I think I'm just a passionate person. Once I get on something, I keep at it. If its something I truly believe in, I want to share it with everyone. I guess I just want to make a difference. Even if its something small, every bit helps especially when it comes to our earth. Think about it, all these people who say say "My not recycling is not going to make any difference", they all add up. Its like donating money. Yes, I only have change to donate. But my change, plus hundreds of others little bit of change, add up to a big donation. Even pennies add up. So when they say that its not gonna make a difference, its not true. Every single tiny bit of effort does help. It really does add up. I promise!

So if you don't want to make a big difference or think you don't have the time, try these simple things out.

-If you are buying just a handful of items, carry them and skip the plastic bags and skip paper too. Bring your own bag if you need to buy a lot.

-If there is a option to buy in bulk, do it. Less packaging means less waste.

-Skip the small thin plastic bags. Banana's don't need a bag, bell peppers don't need a bag. Think about it. You can wash your produce when you get home.

-Walk to the store and save on gas and don't put toxins in the air we breathe

-Stop spraying chemicals in your yard. There is plenty Eco friendly ways to stop weeds. Like picking them yourself.

-Use plant based soaps. Bars, cleaners, dish soap, and laundry soap.

-Buy local produce

-Don't liter

-Buy used items before buying new.

-Recycle everything

-Stop buying paper towels. Buy 1 pack of fabric ones and wash them after each use.

-Encourage and teach your children. Remember, children are like sponges. They will learn every little thing from their parents or siblings. You show them, they will follow.

I challenge you to be more green. Try to rethink your way of thinking. Its amazing how many ways you really can make a difference. My children amaze me everyday with new exciting ways to save money and be greener. We thrive off each other. I really do believe if you teach your children to be earth friendly, it will be with them forever. I will try my best to spread the message, and my children one day will hopefully spread the message more. I will never stop and will continue to teach people about being earth friendly. We only have one earth and there are no second chances. Think about it.

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