Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Garden Update

So my garden is in full swing. Currently (on the left) my yellow crook neck squash is giving me plenty for dinners. But you can only eat so much before you are just tired of them. Ive given my extra to all my neighbors or anyone who even looks at me. lol. I also just discovered that you can use them just like zucchini. So I shredded a few and put them in the freezer for later use in zucchini bread or in my favorite banana muffins. You don't taste them in them and they make the muffins so moist.
Just today I discovered my cantaloupe has started to grow. I will let you know if they actually ripen or not, Ive heard they are very hard to grow and most don't ripen. Until then....

On the left (if you can believe it) are my tomato plants a friend gave me. I believe there are only 4 plants there. Can you believe it? Crazy. My tomato's are finally starting to turn red and my kids are so excited. Thought about canning them but my children love them too much. Besides I cannot complain when my kids are munching on veggies from the garden.

Also in full swing are green beans and pea's. Every other day I go and pick all that are ready, clean them, blanch them, then lay on a cookie sheet in the freezer. Then I transfer into a freezer container for later use. This year no canning green beans, I'm going to see how this freezing thing goes. I have plants along the side of my house and in my garden. They look like a hedge and you would never know they were beans unless you dig in them. I take advantage of every part of my property.

In the very far back right hand side you can see my broccoli. Its finally starting to get crowns growing. I am waiting till they get larger till I pick them. Again, I will probably freeze them for later use. I'm so excited its finally growing. Seems like forever!

What you cannot see in the garden (squash has grown over them) is my cauliflower. Its very large and green. Still waiting to see if it actually grows and were able to eat it. Ive never grown it so we will see.

So anyways as you can see, there is always something ready to eat. I just love it. I love that my children can go out there and just pick what ever they want to eat.. If you have children who just will not eat veggies, I challenge you to start a garden. As stuff grows, and they help you water the garden, tell them all about the veggies and what vitamins are in them. My children think veggies make them super hero's and they have super strength. Cant get any better than that!

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