Monday, July 27, 2009

Have you used your doctor today?

Dr Bronner's Castile Soap
You know you have scene this little bottle before. Its sold in just about any store around you. Did you know you can get about 20 uses from this small bottle? Plus its super earth friendly. I just love this soap and I hope you will try it out. This usually retails for $4-$15 depending on which size you need. You can also buy it by the pound in New Seasons stores and many other health stores. Here's the low down on the many reasons why you should buy it.

Its made up of a combination of extra virgin coconut, olive, jojoba and hemp oils, together with pure essential oils.
*Completely biodegradable and vegetable based
*Made with certified fair trade and organic oils
*Multi purposes with 18 uses
*No synthetic foaming agents, thickeners or preservatives
*100% post consumer recycled (PCR) cylinder bottles and paper labels
*Simple ecological formulations based on old world quality and expertise
*#1 selling brand in North America
*Do not add chelating agents, dyes, whiteners or synthetic fragrances.
*3 times more concentrated than any other leading brands
*Comes in Liquid and bar soaps

The many uses of Dr Bronners Castile Soap
1. Foot soak. Put a couple of drops into a dishpan of hot water, then let your feet soak for a few minutes. Sit back and relax.

2. Wood Cleaner. Just a few drops in a spray bottle full of water. Spray wood and clean all that oily gunk off.

3. Artist, make up, or paint brushes. Few drops of this in a cup of warm water and let soak for 5 minutes.

4. Face wash. I would use about 1/2 -1 drop of soap for this. Perfect for those who have oily skin.

5. Cleaner or disinfectant. 3 parts water, 1 part vinegar, to a small squirt of of soap. Cleans everything.

6. Carpet or fabric stain remover. You can use your homemade cleaner for this one or just add a drop or two to the stain and then some water. Use fingers to work in. Gets just about everything out.

7. Bubble Bath. My #1 use! Just add a cupful to your running hot water. Enjoy!

8. Shaving lather. I would use this on your body only. I don't think it would work good for men.

9. Dish soap. Just add 1/2 cupful to your dish pan. Wash away!

10. Everyday counter cleaner. Add a couple of drops to a spray bottle filled with water. Use on counters, stoves, etc. You name it, it cleans it.

11. Massage oil. Not sure about this one but if I did use it like that, I would do it in the shower. This way you can wash it off your body when done.

12. Pest Spray. 1/4 oz to 1 qt of water. Peppermint works best. Pest do not like mint of any sort. Spray on any plant those pesky bugs keep eating.

13. Veggie Rinse. This gets off any spray or chemicals used on thick skinned veggies. Thin skin veggies or fruit absorb chemicals so best to get those organic.

14. Aftershave. Again...not sure about this one. You have luck with this one?

15. Pet shampoo. This makes any animal smell so good! I love this tip. Gets all that dirt and grime off your pets. Make sure not to get into eyes.

16. Laundry. 1/3-1/4 cupful per load. I love this one. My laundry comes out so clean and smells so good.

17. Toothpaste. The website says use 1-2 drops on your toothbrush. I don't think this will taste good but good option for when your camping or forget your regular toothpaste.

18. Shampoo. I think this works best on people with short hair. Gets all the oils out of your hair. Not at all what you want when you have longer hair. Again good for when your in a pinch.

19. Hand or body soap. I would dilute it down with water for hand soap. Use a loofah sponge with 1-2 drops for body wash. Squeaky clean!

20. Camping buddy. I would take this with you any time you are camping. This way you don't have to pack 20 different products.

Now all this said, what are you doing? You should writing this down and getting it for your home. Its truly the most amazing soap ive found.

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