Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Create your own worm hotel

What a fun idea for the kids! I found this idea on a paper insert from my favorite tea we buy for the kids, Traditional Medicinals Throat Coat.

Recipe: A tall narrow glass jar, soil, water, black paper, tape or rubber bands, small pieces of grass and leaves, lettuce, coffee grounds and don't forget the earthworms!

Directions: Fill jar with damp soil (not so wet this can drown the worms). Place the worms in the soil, put leaves, lettuce and coffee grounds on top of the soil. Wrap the jar with black paper and secure it with tape or rubber bands. Let this sit for 24 hours and remove the paper the next day. Have the worms burrowed along the glass? Did they eat any food? Now you can see how important worms can be to help breakdown your compost pile.

When your done with this experiment, have the kids dump it out into your home compost. Teaches them to respect nature and let the little critters go home.

Did you know?
-Worms can grow new tails if they are cut off, but they cannot brow a new head.
-Worms do not have eyes but they can sense light. If they are in light for too long, they will become paralyzed.
-Worms can eat their weight each day.
-If a worm's skin dries out, it will die.

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