Saturday, January 9, 2010

Green Review King Arthur Flour

Last month King Arthur Flour contacted me to review their products and of course I said YES! I just love trying new and healthy products and was excited to see what they would send me. I was not paid to do this review and these opinions are made by me and only me. I simply tell the truth and try each item. My family then gives me their honest opinions. I really am glad they contacted me. Not only are their products amazing, but their company is too.
Their shop is amazing to start off with. I was drooling over all the wonderful and great priced kitchen items. My catalog is full of circled items I want which was pretty much everything. Then there's the recipe's. It will take you hours t
o go through them all. I again circled so many that I want to try out. Their flours are what defines them. They have more than 2 centuries of baking experience. So you know your gonna get a great product. But this is not the only reason to buy their flour.

Bakers hot line? That would be a big fat yes! In the middle of a baking crisis? Call 802-649-3717 and their staff of experienced bakers can help you out. Or you can email them at anytime. Or you can visit their recipe section and look for yourself. I just love options!

They also have a baking education center in Norwich, Vt . If your local to them, head on over! They offer classes from kids to professionals.

Can you believe they even have a newsletter? This award winning newsletter is filled with seasonal recipes, answers to baking questions, beautiful colored pictures, and much much more.
Not looking for a newsletter but would rather have a cookbook? Yes they have those too!

My favorite is the life skills bread baking program. More than 100,000 school children have learned to bake bread through their free Life Skills Bread Baking Program, then shared their new skill with local food pantries. Visit their Web site to learn how your school can get involved.

And if this was not enough for you, they also
have traveling baking demo's. I know, truly amazing company. Did I mention they are a employee owned company? You betcha!

My review

Dough whisk retails $14.95
This crazy looking whisk has been in their catalog for 17 years now. Unlike a wooden spoon, dough doesn't stick to this whisk as you stir your dough. It blends tough dough with ease, made of beechwood and stainless steel, and is about 15 inches long. Since I have a bread machine, I used this took for making muffins. I just love this tool so much better than a standard mixer. It mixes all the items so much better and clean up is super easy.It truly does cut your mixing time in half. Better yet, its super sturdy so no more breaking wooden spoons! If you love this whisk but don't need one so big, your in luck! They also sell a mini one for $12.95.
Would I recommend this item? YES!
I can see myself using this for years and years. My girls love it because its so weird looking but I love it because it can be used so many more ways than just for baking. This would make a great gift for any baker or kitchen enthusiast.

Flours retails around $4
I was able to test the unbleached white flour and their whole wheat flour. I used this flour for a loaf of bread in my bread machine. Just like regular flour, it worked the same. But I have to admit, the taste of the bread was much much better. The texture of the bread was better, it would rise much better, and the taste was better. I used the whole wheat flour when I made muffins. I find it worked better with my muffins than standard muffins. Again the taste was way better and the muffins were so fluffy!

Would I recommend this? Yes! Although they do cost a bit more, its worth it. The flavor is so much better than any other flour I have tried. Its not like your regular dough flour flavored, its super yummy and rustic tasting. So worth it in my opinion.

Many thanks to the King Arthur Flour company for giving me this opportunity to try their great products!

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