Monday, February 1, 2010

Little things I love

I stood looking at this for about 10 minutes trying to figure out exactly what this was. Ah ha! You hang it on the wall in your bathroom. Top part is to put your toothbrushes or razors in and the bottom is to hang your rings on while you wash your hands or take a shower. Definitely buying this one for my best friend. Her birthday was in January so I had to wait to blog about it. I wont tell you how much I paid for it but I will say it was pricey but it was a must have and only my girl could appreciate such a crazy thing. lol
I found this set at a small out of the way senior thrift shop. I paid $1.50 total for these. They are plastic ( I know I know) but back in those days plastic was in. They just scream vintage! I do not keep sugar or tea in them but instead I keep beans of any sort in them. These go so well in my harvest gold retro kitchen. And when I say retro, I really mean original kitchen to my home. A whole other story...


Danielle said...

A retro kitchen!?!?! i would love to see pictures :) i tend to like a lot of that style:)

Sylvia said...

Love the canister set - so retro !!!

Love your blog - oh and check out my blog, have a GIVEAWAY.

Surviving and thriving on pennies said...

Yes, my kitchen is original to this 1967 house. I have a huge wonderful kitchen that has not been touched except for the flooring. We will be doing a makeover on this kitchen soon but the kitchen cabinets will stay(but painted black). The flooring (ugly @ss yellow 70's remodel?) will be replaced with bamboo. I will post pictures.
Sylvia-I will check your your blog!