Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Running myself silly

Lately it seems I have been so busy.  I had a blast with my husband at the brew fest. To be honest we didn't end up even doing the whole fest....Just one. To be honest neither of us had time to eat anything due to having to drop our kids off at a friends and take the Max downtown. So when we finally arrived at the brewery we each had a sample and headed down to get some grub. Then I did something really bad. I literally ate my Reuben sandwich whole. I ate the whole hot steamy yummy sloppy goodness.  Lets discuss the reasons why this was really bad. To start off with I am a very small person.
-At the most I weigh 105 lbs. I think this sandwich weighs 2 lbs itself. Or at least it seems. So when I ate this, I ate nothing for the rest of the day.

-Its not the healthiest. The bread was a yummy dark and white bread mix which looked healthy if thats possible.  The meat (and there was a ton of it) isn't the best as in fat free but it was okay. The sauce was NOT healthy. Some sort of a mayo spread that was so tasty but I know was not healthy. And the sauerkraut...oh the sauerkraut! It was super duper yummy! There was just a whole lot of salt involved in this sandwich.

-I eat healthy 24/7. Literally I make most all of our food from scratch. From soaking my own dried beans, making all our bread, to even making our own jelly. Everything!  So when I ate this stomach was not happy.  At all! So after my 20 minutes of slopping this down it was followed to a 3 hour stomach ache. Was it worth it? uh....yes

-To make matters worst I quenched my thirst with a nice tall pint of beer. I drank 3/4 of it and had to say goodbye to the rest. So anyways I had fun and ate good. But payed for it!

Then I did something crazy and when I say crazy its just crazy for me. I signed up for a 1/2 marathon. And now its totally freaking me out. This is the reason I have not blogged for a few days. Instead I was starting my training for the marathon.  I'm 33 (don't you dare tell anyone!) and not getting any younger. I get bored easily and since i've pretty much conquered the toilet paper challenge I have been looking for something more difficult to do. I know its just crazy. Its just what I do.

Although I never played sports growing up, I took up jogging right out of high school. It felt good just to go running in the beautiful city I lived in. Small town with lots of roads leading into the country. Oh how I do miss the Grove. Now I live in a larger city and have to deal with traffic and lights. No fun when your jogging. This is where the problem is. I refuse to buy a gym membership just so I can use the treadmill.  I take my daughters to soccer 4 days a week to recreation centers and each of them has a track around it.  Plus my best friend lives near me in some apartments and they have a gym. Sweet!

One thing I did not plan on doing was getting new running shoe's. I bought a pair last year and thought I could get away with using them. Not so much! My feet are killing me after each run. So Friday I am picking up a new pair of shoe's and a gadget to track how much im running. My husband says he has a friend who works for Nike Campus(located a few miles away) so I might get a good deal. Yes!

Training is gonna be interesting....I'm not the best at planning things.  I don't keep track of how far I am running unless its posted somewhere along the trail.  I also not good at remembering to eat or drink water before I run. These are things I need to work on.

Day 1-walked/ran around the track 3 times. I think it was about 2 miles. Give or take. Next day tender but not sure.

Day 2-Walked/ran around a different track 4 times which was much larger than the first track.  It was getting dark and I wanted to get as much running/walking as I could in. And now this is why i'm sore. Too much too soon.

So from now on I might skip a day or two from blogging. This will only be until June 12th which is the day of the marathon. My point of doing this challenge is to show how you can challenge yourself even when you think you have no time to do it. I am a full time mommy, full time soccer mommy, and full time wife. But I need to remember myself and what I love to do. I forget this....its a mommy thing.

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