Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Me in a nutshell

You read my blog each day and get some insight into my life but do you really know me? I thought it would be fun to tell you about myself and my life in a nutshell.

1. Ive been to the movie theater maybe 2 times in 7 years. I just refuse to pay $8 for just the ticket to see a movie. In order for my family to go to a movie, it would cost us around $40 just to walk in the door and see the movie. Thats not including snacks or drinks.

2.  No cable or dish. I know! A year and a half ago we were getting ready to move and turned it off to try to save some money. After a few weeks we decided not to get it again. Now days you get way more than the usuals back in the day. They even have a 24/7 kids channel.

3.  My husband and I eat meat maybe once a week. Since my all my daughters are vegetarians, I cook all meat separately and usually forget to even cook the meat. I am so okay with this and lucky that my husband has not noticed. This saves us so much money.

4.  I am a very small person. I am about 5 ft 4 and 105 pounds. I stopped growing in middle school and actually am a little smaller than I was then. This comes in handy because I rarely have to buy clothes. Yes most of this is from my DNA but I gotta give credit to lifestyle choices.

5.  I am addicted to grape juice. And im not talking about white grape juice. I like the dark purple yummy tangy grape juice. Mmmmmm

6.  I avoid driving on holidays. When I go it better not be on a holiday and ruin that holiday for my family. I also wear nice panties always.  My grandmother always said to wear your nice panties because you never know when your going to be in an accident. You wanna look your best.  I know, its weird.

7.  As a child I would get annoyed when my mom would wait to get everything on sale. I remember actually getting so angry because I wanted something and mom wouldnt ever get it until months later. Guess what I do now? You guessed it!

8.  I do not read books. I know, i'm horrible. I teach my kids to read yet I never do. One habit I intend to break soon. I do a ton of research online so I think this should count. Right?

9.  I will refuse to pay a certain price for something but when it comes to something I like, all rules go out the window. I wont pay over $5.99 per pound for coffee but would pay $4 for a fancy coffee from my local coffee shop. I don't understand it. Good news is that I stopped drinking coffee cold turkey last week and dont have to worry about it anymore. Yeah!

10. I do not get dressed until I leave the house. When I am in my own home I want to feel comfortable. So if you come to my home unannounced,  just expect me in my pj's with my slippers. Its just how I roll.

11.  I have to help and have no ability to stop. For as long as I can remember I have been this way. If I had a friend having problems with their family, they stayed at our home. I have a friend who needs a toaster, I will find a way to get it. I even give them my own things and replace mine.   One time I had not eaten and grabbed a few cookies I had made (healthy!) and was sitting at a  light. A homeless man was sitting there with a sign asking for change. You know the end of the story. He was fed and I was hungry till I got home  Its a sickness. A wonderful wonderful sickness. I can thank my mother for this. Thanks mom! This is the best part of me.

12.  I over think everything. If I did not check the back door to see if it was locked and im already in bed for the night, it will eat at me until I get up and go check. Ive literally turned around after driving off somewhere. All because I could not remember if I turned off my coffee pot. Note:coffee pot turns itself off after 30 minutes.  I constantly worry about things and its the point where I feel physically sick. So I try to avoid it and recheck things all the time. Again starting another problem lol

13.  I am accident prone. Ive hurt myself so many times.
-Hole in our closet that you go though to get under our house-Fell through it 8 months pregnant. Everything was fine.
-Sprained 2 toes when I walked into a door frame.
-Several stitches in my hands from using a apple corer.
-Took a bath and stood up which led to me scratching my back and getting a 6 inch scratch and hurting my back. Oh did I mention I was 6 months pregnant with my twins? Yep.
-Latest injury was 2 days ago when I was too lazy to get a chair so I could reach a juice pitcher. Slid off the counter to get down and received a 4 inch scratched/bruise on my thigh.

14.  I love the smell of any thrift store. Makes me feel at home.

15.  Ive felt close to nature as long as I can remember. Mama always said I was born a generation too late.

16.  I am not a morning person and never have been. I could sleep for 10 hours a night and still be sleepy. I do my job and get my kids off to school 5 days a week but the weekend comes around and im in bed till 9 and only because my husband sent the kids in to get me. I love sleeping.

17. Most kids wanted to be a ballerina or a doctor when they grew up. I wanted to be a environmentalist.

18.  I was raised by my mother alone.

19.  I still own my Garfield nightgown that I have had since grade school. I passed it down to my oldest daughter.

20.  Last but not least I am the most unorganized organized person you will ever meet. I never remember when my daughter's soccer practice is each week but could tell you how much I paid for anything in my home.  You may see my clutter spot but I know exactly whats in it.   I have the worst memory ever and my husband can attest to it.

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