Monday, June 14, 2010


I showed up at the stadium at 6:30 stat. Now those who know me, know I do not do mornings. When I first woke up I was in shock that the birds were even up. They were up and chirping away all awhile I was laying in bed confused. So this is what happens so early in the morning...? Crazy talk. Honestly I couldn't sleep the night before and pretty much tossed and turned all night.  I figure I maybe slept for 4 hours. Run 13 1/2 miles on 4 hours of sleep? SURE! Thankfully I was one of the few first to the stadium and really had no issue with traffic or parking. Well if you don't count the 2 little old ladies who were driving in front of me and going 25 miles an hour or what I call snails pace. uuurrrr! My wonderful husband drove separately so he could take pictures and go home to our girls. There was no way we were going to drag them out of bed...oh I have a headache just thinking about it. 

My wonderful friend Michele has been training with me for the last month. I convinced her to do the race with me...SUCKER! (Scary heckle voice insert here) I love you Michele! So some of you know who I am or have known me for years. But the rest of you this will be our introduction to each other. Well you saw my body once....I was modeling clothes! Naughty naughty people! But you didn't get to see my face. So here you go! Yep, thats me! Nice to meet you!
 I actually spent money on a Nike hat because I knew it was going to be hot and a hair thing was not going to cut it. But as you know, Mrs.Frugal as I am, the rest is all frugal finds. My Nike Jacket (which someone just commented to me that they paid over $100 for it) I found at Goodwill for $5, my Old Navy running shorts were found at the same store but different day for $5, and my running shirt was bought at the Goodwill Outlet for maybe $1. I have to admit my husband bought me my shoe's and I told him to never tell me how much he actually paid for them. They are SOOOO comfy and I feel like i'm running on clouds. Ahhh

A few other friends showed up finally and I felt a little less anxious about the race. Tessie who blew me away at the start, her mom Judy who hang around with me for a while during the race and her mom's friend (sorry cannot remember her name...don't hate me) who did keep up with Judy. Matt also came to my surprise and he too blew me away at the start. The race began and I did pretty well. I tried to pace myself because I knew if I pushed too hard, I would burn out later. Just think of me as the tortoise from the tortoise and the hare. Mile 3 I thought I was going to have a heart attack. I trained very hard and never had any pain like that. But I kept at it and the pain finally went away.  Mile 5 and I  found a friend from high school cheering me on. Thanks Angela!

I paced myself, kept at it, and didn't give up. Mile 11/12 the wind died down and the pain was getting to me. Luckily there were plenty of people towards the end rooting us on and giving us high fives. Thank you so much for that! The last mile I could hear the stadium announcer, and could see the stadium. It was there and it started to set in. These two older ladies were trailing behind me for some time and were rooting me on. I was amazed by these ladies. If they could do it, I could do it. As the stadium grew closer my emotions started to set in. I really was choked up all the way to the finish line. My family was not there and it was just me but I was thinking about this was the first time I did something for myself on my own. Just as I was ready to cross the finish line I heard "GO NANCY!! WHAHOO!". Tessie you made my day. That bit of yelling really made my confidence fly.  I ran across that finish line like I ran at the starting line. No pain, and almost jumping. I MADE IT!!!

I ran 13 1/2 miles in 2 hours 58 minutes! My personal goal was 3 hours and I bet it by 2 minutes.

Then I ate super yummy Helvatia Tavern burger, downed a bunch of tea and headed home. My lovely children made a huge banner for me with lots of pictures of stick people running. Simply adorable! A big thanks to my wonderful husband for having confidence in me and making a wonderful dinner so I could sit on my butt and relax. I love you with all my heart!

Moral of this story is even a mom of 4 kids can do something for themselves. I am 33, a mother of 4 beautiful daughters, and wife to an amazing man and I did this half marathon all by myself. I did it. Yes I now hurt like hell anytime I sit down and try to get up (if you hear crying pains in the bathroom, don't come in and help me please) but it was all worth it. So whats next for me? More running of course! I have already signed up for a 10 k Pints for pasta race in Portland coming up in September.

So, have I inspired you?


OneOldGoat said...

That is awesome!!!! And love the price for your running clothes. As frugal as I am, one thing I never, ever skimp on are my running shoes. Good for you!

Surviving and thriving on pennies said...

I tried to get by with some shoe's I already had but there was no way. I was in pain just wearing them normally....thankfully my husband came through for me. Having Nike connections paid off for us.