Thursday, June 17, 2010

Grub time!

Well here we go everyone! Just a little breakdown of our meals from yesterday.

Kids-Slice of homemade cinnamon toast
         1 Organic Banana per child from Marks NW Produce (49 cents per lb)
         Glass of Organic milk ($4.99 gallon)
Kids Lunch
         Reusable water bottle with h2o for each child
         1 orange cut up for each child
         Bowl of homemade chili (used beans I made from dried beans and froze about a month ago)
             Consisted of pinto beans, red/green bell peppers and seasonings for each child
         1 Organic Banana from Marks NW Produce for each child

My lunch & the twins consisted of the following
        1 Organic Banana
        1 Organic Orange (bought 36 lbs for $19)
        1 Organic Apple (Marks Nw Produce)
        Raw cashews from Winco that I can't remember for the life of me how much. Less than $3 per lb
        because I refuse to pay more than that.

Dinner before soccer practice
        Mashed Organic Potatoes (bought 50 lbs of them for $35 from azurestandard)
        Frozen Corn from schwans (Super sweet corn that im hooked on...)
        Salad-Lettuce 99 cents,tomato 99 cents per lbo, & shredded carrot $1.99 bundle all Organic from
        Marks NW Fresh Produce
        Homemade salad dressing using balsamic vinegar(Trader Joe's $2.99 a bottle), olive oil (Winco                     $3.99), salt & pepper to taste. 

After practice snack
       Left over mashed potato's
       Okay I confess I added shredded sharp cheese. And I don't feel bad one bit! So yummy!

Now i'm not sure if you noticed but our day consisted of no meat. We eat very little meat and usually consist of all natural sausage or bacon.  My oldest daughter is a vegetarian and the rest of us teeter on whether we are or are not. My husband would eat meat all day long if he could but he's a pretty good sport about not eating much. We eat TONS of beans which gives us plenty of protein. I make a huge batch of beans, put them into freezer safe containers and usually about 2 cups per container. This makes it easy for my kids to eat them as a snack and also they thaw out faster.
All our produce is bought from Marks NW Fresh Produce. All produce is from local farmers, USD Organic or farms with green practices. This makes my produce very cheap compared to big stores like Whole Foods. I urge you to try our your local produce stands. If you don't know of any just ask friends and family if they can recommend one. I just love Marks because he is a great guy who is very honest. He will tell me whats actually certified organic and which isn't. But he will only buy from farmers who farm green. Being certified cost a farmer about $10,000 and lets face it not all of them can afford that price tag. But they still want to farm green and can do that very easily.  So I trust Mark and his word.
I used to buy Cheez Its type crackers for snacks because I thought it would be healthier than other options. But I glanced at the sodium content and about fell over. So one day I just didn't buy them anymore. Guess what? No one noticed! Now instead I make muffins, cookies and granola bars and feel good about it because I control the sugar and sodium content.

Well I guess that's about it.  I think I will go get a piece or two of dark chocolate (Trader Joe's 3pk $1.49). I might be a little addicted to this chocolate. Well....yeah I am. Have a good day!

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