Monday, June 7, 2010

Green Review Wholesome Sweeteners Blue Agave Syrup

Wholesome sweeteners are the nation's leader in Fair Trade Certified, USDA Organic and sustainably produced sugars, syrups, nectars and honeys, all made from nature's best resources.
Based in Sugar Land, Texas, Wholesome Sweeteners is a young company with generations of experience and expertise behind it.  In addition to bringing the best organic, sustainable and unrefined sweeteners to the North American market, Wholesome pioneered the certification process of Fair Trade Certified sugar and honey. Since pioneering Fair Trade, Wholesome has paid more than $2.2 million to farming and beekeeping cooperatives in the developing world.  Fair Trade means that farmers can buy land, send their kids to school, and build thriving communities.

As many of you know, I did a Green Review on many of their products back in January of this year. I was so excited to get a email from them again. Not only do they sell amazing honey and sugar but now they sell yummy blue agave syrup. Say goodbye to your hum drum syrup and grab yourself some of this! New cinnamon is my daughter Hailey's favorite. She says it taste like cinnamon buns . Next on the list is maple and this flavor you could use to make the switch without anyone noticing. You get healthier syrup and the kids think its their usual. My twins favorite flavor is strawberry and honestly I have to monitor their use of it. They would drink it if I allowed them to. Yep, its that good. And last but not least is vanilla my personal favorite. Not too sweet with just a hint of vanilla.

All 4 flavors are:
USDA Organic
GMO Free
All favors but vanilla are raw
25% sweeter than sugar which means you use less and small bottle goes a long way
No additives
Organic flavors
No artificial ingredients
Kosher Certified
Raw Blue Agave

Best part of these syrups is you can use them for just about anything. "These are amazing...From pancakes, to coffees and iced beverages, I can think of a million uses and tons of recipe ideas for each new flavor!" Karen Stevenson, Wholesome's taste-test team. I couldn't agree more. These syrups are super delish and you really could use them in so many things. Poured on ice cream, flavor your regular coffee, or even use in cooking recipes. Want to learn new recipe's? Check out their recipe library where you can look them up by meal type, product, season, by Celebrity Chef, or just search by word. 

You can shop online which makes most peoples life much easier. They have a whole page of their products sold on Amazon which is great for larger families because they sell larger product sizes. Plus you can get some really great deals there too! Usually free shipping too! (spend over $25 and get free shipping!)They also have a whole page dedicated to  their products sold at My Brands. Want to find a local store who carries these? Check out their store locator to find your nearest store who carries them. I have even found it at my local Costco in large sizes.

My Review-First of all Wholesome Sweeteners contacted me in regards to me wanting to try their new products. They are not paying me one cent for the review and have not asked me to say or write anything in regards to this review. I give my honest opinion and try only the best green products whether its a good opinion or bad opinion.

I have to say the size of the bottle is a bit too small for our family of 6. One bottle would last maybe 2 meals for us. I will have to buy online larger sizes because my nearest store that sells these in particular only carry the 11.5 ounces size. Also this wonderful syrup comes in plastic bottles. Would really love if it came in glass this way I can recycle it or better yet reuse the bottle for something else. Homemade salad dressing comes to mind. Why do I dislike plastic so much, just ask Beth from Fake Plastic Fish. She can give you so many reason why to avoid it.  Thats my only negative comments about this product. They are so delish and yummy! They have a lovely light sweet taste with a light flavoring. I will never go back to our regular hum drum syrup. I myself do not use syrup on my pancakes but my kids and husband do. The first night they tried it, it was the quietest meal ever. Which means they were too busy eating their food and enjoying it. Ahh it was nice. I do use it in my coffee. Vanilla and maple are my favorite. The syrup adds a great flavor to my boring regular coffee.

Go try this amazing product and I promise you, you won't regret it. Its that good!
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