Sunday, April 10, 2011

$50 a week

Today I took my daughter Megan with me shopping and I think she was my good luck charm.  We did pretty good today.


$5.98 Stony Field Yogurt 2 containers (usually about $4 each so its a good sale)
$2.82 Bulk Organic Yogurt
$2.19 Dozen vegetarian fed chicken eggs
$7.96 Locally made fresh pasta (will put in freezer) marked down $1.99 each. Usually is $3.99 each. Whahoo!
$1.50 Romain Lettuce sale
$2.29 Rainbow Chard
$4.99 Organic Milk



$3.98 Organic Vanilla Yogurt (50% off sale) two containers
$1.49 Hormone free half n half
$1.30 Fair Trade Banana's
$1.12 Organic Bok Choy
$2.38 Organic Red Apples (sale 99 cents per lb)
.41 Organic Zucchini (sale .99 cents per lb)
$3.05 Organic Navel Oranges (sale 99 cents per lb)

Free-one banana (kids club Megan picked banana)



$3.98 Matzoh Passover Crackers (1.99 each)
$5.16 Organic Penna & Fuzilli Pasta (1.29 each)


.60 over budget

Since yogurt was pretty cheap I decided to buy lots so the kids can eat it as a snack. Here are a few ways my girls like to eat their yogurt.  My girls will add things like ground flax seed, fruit, coconut shreds, and dried fruit.  We had Nancy's yogurt (no I don't own but how cool would that be?) last week but it was a bit too sour for them and we added agave to sweeten it up. But the yogut I bought today is pretty sweet so no need to add it.  Get creative and enjoy this snack.

What do you add to your yogurt? Share!


Joy said...

We like plain yogurt with walnuts and chocolate chips. Love the crunch.

Chris said...

Does the $50 a week feed your entire family? If yes, how many and what ages are those in your family? Great reading!

Surviving and thriving on pennies said...

Yes and no. I do big shopping once a month. Things like rice, flour, etc I get once a month. The $50 a week is all my fresh items we use each week. When I Facebook about my dinners each night I include the price of those items.
I spend about $400 a month to feed my family of 6.

I feed the following


What you see is what we eat. No chips, no soda, no junk food what so ever. Our junk food is muffins I make etc. We do buy local beer and wine in the beginning of the month as well but total cost is about $20 and last us the whole month which is included into my food bill. Also in our food bill is things like toothpaste(I make), soap, laundry soap(I make) toilet paper, etc.

Does this help? Anymore questions as away!!!