Saturday, April 9, 2011

While the kids will play this mama will lay

These last two weekends have been crazy busy.  I did manage to get my lines back up and running. I can get two loads of laundry outside at a time. Because its not the warmest here in Portland it takes all day to dry them.
Last year I started to hand sew this shirt into a clothes pin holder. I was 99% done when I put it aside and forgot all about it. So I finally finished it and used it. It's a American Eagle top I found at Goodwill Outlet. I chopped off the arms and part of the bottom then sewed them shut. Add a kids hanger and you have a clothes pin holder. You can do this with just about any top you want.
After my daughters soccer game (which she won. GO SILVER!) we headed on over to my mama's house.  My parents grew tomatoes each year in old tires and I was determined to change that. My sister (in orange top) mowed the lawn the best she could and then we all tackled the black berry bushes which had grown over the fence because my dad didn't want my mom to cut them down.
Well my father has since passed away and my mom said they had to go. Sorry dad. We know you enjoyed eating them but they were really unruly.  I had planned on staring her garden beds but we were just way too tired to even attempt it. We will save it for another weekend. All in all my mom was very happy and after all her complaining about stuff (sorry mom but its true) she actually had a smile on her face. 
Back at my house I noticed my pea's finally started to come out and play. Whahoo!  Can't wait till they start climbing the teepee I built.
Last year my neighbor gave me about a dozen raspberry starts from her yard.  Only about 6 of them survived the winter and seem to be doing good.
I pulled out the hammock and put it to use.  It was so sunny and warm yesterday that I had to put it to use.
The kids did a lot of this.
and I tried to do a lot of this.

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