Friday, April 29, 2011

$50 a week

Not sure why I shopped on Sundays when I get paid on Fridays....?? So today I changed it up and went shopping on a Friday after dropping my girls off at school.  Oh to hear yourself think while shopping. Who would of thought!

I am trying a few new things this time around and excited to cook with them. Here we go!


$1.99 Romain Lettuce Organic
$2.29 Rainbow Chard
$1.99  Friscee Lettuce
$4.99 Organic Milk
$3.34 Napoleon Pesto (glass can be recycled or used again!)
$2.57 Organic Grapes (used in cookies, oatmeal, yogurt etc)
$2.52 Organic Coconut (again used in cookies, oatmeal and yogurt)
.74 Organic Tea Peach Ginger (testing)
.74 Organic Tea Blackberry (testing)
.68 Organic Tea Bancha (testing this. Mild flavor good in any tea combo)
.42 Organic Tea Raspberry (testing)
-.10 bag refund (pays to bring your own!!)



$3.08 Fair Trade Banana's
$5.00 Two large Organic Cantaloupe (these things weigh 5 lbs each so its a budget friendly fruit!)
$1.99 White Tortilla Chips
$1.49 Hormone Free Half n Half
$2.69 Mango Salsa in glass(recyclable!)
$2.24 Dry Ricotta (excited to try it out)
$1.50 Cream Cheese (now my 13 yr old will be happy because she lives off this stuff)
$2.00 Organic Ketchup (made my own but not the same taste. Will keep trying though)
$1.39 Organic Wheat Penne Pasta
$1.39 Organic Wheat Fusilli pasta
-.20 bag refund gotta love that!



This leaves me with $5 left for anything I might need later.  I wanted to try the dry ricotta because its much cheaper than your old stand by ricotta in the dairy section.  You can use as little or as much as you want. Its extremely salty so it should last a long time. Perfect shredded on top of any pasta. 

I also wanted to try out a few different tea's this time because I'm tired of just regular tea. Can't wait to try all my new fruity types.

So there ya go. This should keep us filled till next Friday.....should. lol

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