Friday, December 16, 2011

The Non Toxic Avenger by Deanna Duke

For months I have been hearing my blogger friend Deanna Duke talking about her book she was writing and random things she was testing out.  So when the book finally came out last month,  I knew I had to get it.  I could of easily bought it off Amazon but I wanted to find it in person at a local book store.  I waited....and waited...and waited until the day it came out and I ran up to my closest Barns And Noble.  I saw it on their website and thought I would save myself some shipping cost and get it from them locally.  But of course they didn't have it. That would be too easy wouldn't it? Darn them. Then I checked Powell's because I knew they had to have it.  Powell's is my favorite store because its locally owned and sells used books as well.  Again it was a no go. 
One day I was out with my friend shopping off Capitol Highway in Portland and came across this cute little book store.Annie Blooms is a small store but has a community feel to it. There was no way I would find it here.  But I asked anyways.  I almost peed myself and did squeal when the nice lady said they had one copy.  Took a minute but she handed it to me and I swear I heard angels singing in the back of me. I am a life time shopper to Annie Blooms from now on. 
I took the book home and there I sat for hours reading the book.  I couldn't put it down. I am not a fast reader and it usually takes me forever to actually finish one because I get easily distracted.  Well that and I have four children bugging me consistently.  But I literally read half the book that night and was angry when I had to put it down to go to bed.  Long story short I read the book faster than any other book Ive ever read. 

Everything Deanna talked about over the last year was all the sudden coming back to me.  From first page to the last page it was full of great information.  What I love most is her sick and twisted mind which resembles mine.  She can always put a funny spin on just about anything.  You really can take her experiences and turn them into useful information that you can use.  I loved that she shared everything she does from her deodorant, face wash and even her tomatoes (which I also use).  If she eats them then I know I'm doing something good.

What I really love is that she doesn't just give up and go back to her old ways.  She found non toxic alternatives to her toxic main stream products she has loved over the years.  And if she couldn't find one at the store then she would make it.  If her son didn't like so many plants then she would sneak them in one by one.  And lets not get into Hank and his cakes.  Another great thing is that she explained everything so well that even I could understand it.  I couldn't pronounce all the chemicals but I sure could tell you what they were and how they would affect us. 

This book would be great for the newer greenie and even a novice greenie like myself.  I learned so much from this book and will read it a few more times.  Maybe I will be able to pronounce the words too.  Maybe. 

Would I recommend this book? YES
It would be a great gift to your family, friends or even just a neighbor.  And if your from Seattle then you have to buy it.  Support a local writer! And because Deanna has always been a great friend and fellow blogger of course I had to buy it.  She rocks.
So what are you waiting for? GO BUY IT!

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