Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012 Resolutions

I have many things I want to accomplish this year and this list might just get them done.

1. Build my chicken coop. 
Basically will be this same coop with no outside shingles.  I plan on having a succulent roof as well. This chickens will be spoiled for sure.  We plan on getting 4 chickens so each one of my daughters can name them.

2.  Run 2 half marathons.
I usually run the Helvetia Half Marathon in June but I added the Hippie Chick Half Marathon in May and I will be running with my 13 year old daughter. If you are running in either of these races message me so we can train together!

3.  Stop chewing my nails.
Yes this seems like a easy one but for some reason I take my stress out on my nails. So stupid. And gross. Arg!

4.  Renovating the twins room.
Their room has wall paper over every square inch of it.  Blue and white stripes with blue and rose flowers everywhere. Their closet has a build in system that is just about ready to fall over.  It was not made square and many things are missing off of it.  I plan on taking the whole thing out, adding a few shelves, add 2 hanging bars and then putting up curtains instead of a closet door.  All wall paper is coming off, will be sanded down and repainted a pleasant color. This will take some time to do.

5.  Renovating our kitchen.
Our home was built well so our cabinets can be just painted.  Were getting rid of the harvest gold plastic counters and installing granite tiles. Stove will be taken out and replaced with our Kitchen Aid refrigerator.  In the place of my fridge will be a double oven. A counter stove will be put into our island along with outlets.  Last but not least we want bamboo floors. Well he wants that, I want cork flooring. We will see who wins this war.

6.  Blog blog blog!
This year I plan on blogging every single day. This will take some planning which I'm really bad at. I want more give aways, no how-to and more of my everyday life. No excuses Nancy.  NONE!

7.  Have a bad ass garden.
Last season was good because I was able to have seed starts. I have my "new to me" green house to thank for this.  We will be putting vents on the green house and maybe alter it a little.  To save money I'm using my seeds from last year and adding a few new things this year.  Stay tuned because I'm thinking of having a seed swapping party soon. Keep checking my Facebook for details. If your local you can join!

8.  Help others.
From helping my mom with her yard/garden, to organizing a food box for a friend at Christmas, helping my friends plan their gardens, and who knows what else.  I plan on helping others as much as I can.

9.  Bug needs some work.

We already have the parts and have done some work.  Plans are as following.  All window seals replaced, floor reinforced, and a new head liner.  I like the old color so it stays for a while.  It's sad looking at it in the garage in pieces. Sorry bug...soon very soon you will be done. I promise we will ride soon.

10.  Drink lots of water.
Seems silly I know.  I don't drink water like I should.  When I say "don't" I really mean none. I am like a camel.  Serious.   Unless you count the water in my tea or coffee.  I want to make a schedule for myself.  Coffee in the morning, water during the day and tea at night. 

11.  Appreciate my husband and children more.
I get stressed pretty easy.  I need to calmn down and let my kids be kids. My oldest daughter is old enough to babysit now so the hubs and I will be able to have date nights.  Its been a long time since we have had any "us" time.  The kids are getting so big so fast so I want to enjoy 100% of the time I have with them still.  A shout out to my husband.  You are the reason we have what we have.  I love you so much. Your such a hard worker, amazing husband and wonderful father. Thank you.

12.  Reuse more, reduce packaging and recycle 100%.
Making my own bread again will help, buying in bulk/using my own containers more, and only buy food in containers I know I can recycle or reuse.  I have been slacking slightly. 

13.  Be in nature as much as possible.
Today we took a hike with the kids.  It was amazing, it was fun and it was beautiful. More of this please!

14.  Make my own laundry soap again. Darn you Trader Joe liquid laundry soap.  Why do you have to smell do darn good?  I must make my own from now on. I have the supplies so there is no excuse.  Quit being so damn lazy Nancy!

15. Learn how to spell.
Seriously I'm horrible. Even with spell check I'm horrible.  Must take more time to proof read my Facebook status before I hit the enter button. 

I'm sure I will have more to add to the list but this is all I could come up with.  What about you? What is on your list? Or do you even make a list?


Melissa said...

Thank you so mu h for posting this. I think I am going to do the same thing on my blog :)

Melissa said...

Thank you so much for posting this. I think I am going to do the same think on my blog :)