Monday, May 7, 2012

DIY Mint Tea

Its not only good for making tea but its also a beautiful plant.  There are many different varieties of mint so pick one that you love the smell of and add it to your herb collection. Make sure you plant somewhere that the mint cannot travel out of.  Side walk dirt area's are perfect.  Mint will send shoots everywhere and spread like crazy. 

Mint is used for calming and almost has a sedative effect. It is packed with menthol and the vapors can relieve things like sinus and chest congestion.  My favorite way to relieve my allergies is hot mint tea. Ahh its yummy!  It also relieves digestion problems, nausea and excess gas.  Having mental fatigue or headache? Yep mint helps with that too!  Lets not forget its packed with vitamin A and C. 

Mint also can be used in the kitchen to add a great fresh flavor to meals.  Google it! It also can be used as a bug repellent.  Keep a few potted mint plants in your garden to keep bugs away from your garden.  Do not plant in your garden because the mint will take over.  Mint grows very well in pots and they can be moved around easier. 

Mint mouthwash anyone? Take four tablespoons of mint in one quart of water and boil for about 5 minutes.  Let cool and set in the fridge over night.  Once chilled you can strain out the mint leaves and keep in the fridge.  Use just like any other mouthwash!

Want to freshen up the air in your home? Simply pick a few sprigs of mint and rub them a few times to release the oils.  Set these sprigs on window sills and open your windows to let the air come in.  The air will bring all those fresh oils into your home. I like to sit my mint near our fan too!
Need I say more? is how I harvest mint.

1. Pick mint leaves.  Make sure only to take the top three to four leaves because they are the newest growth. 

2.  Put in a dehydrator and dry according to the dehydrator directions.  No dehydrator? Lay on brown paper (paper bags work well) and in a dry and sunny spot in your home.  Simply let sit until dry and crispy.  Must be completely dry or will mold when stored. 

3.  Put dry mint in a mason jar and store in cold dark spot. 

4.  Make tea as usual and enjoy!

Here we have my daughter helping me pick mint yesterday.  My girls just love going to the garden and getting treats. Mint is a favorite of theirs. 

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