Saturday, May 26, 2012

Its all about the tomatoes baby!

I have been waiting months for my tomato plants to get growing in the green house. Finally they are able to be planted so I had to prepare my garden beds. Which included the following

-Dig up the garden beds by hand with a shovel. Did this about every two weeks.
-Add some farm manure and mix all the soil.
-Dig up the garden beds again and add in organic compost.

Yes I could of used a tiller and it would of been done much quicker. But you have to have a tiller to do that which I do not. So elbow grease it was! After about an hour it was all mixed up and ready for my starts. Whahoo!

I planted every single tomato I could into this bed.  This bed gets the most sun which should be a boost for the tomatoes.  In front of each tomato cage I planted a mixture of things including kale, lettuce and chard.  I want to take advantage of every single square inch of my garden.  Still trying to determine if I want to plant anything up the middle or not. 

I thought my tomatoes would take up both beds but it didn't turn out that way.  So I dug out all my pumpkin seeds and thought I would give them a shot.  Most I have taken from pumpkins of our past or they are old seeds. So know knows what will grow and what won't.  Wouldn't that be funny if they all grew? Well to my friends and family-you know where to get your pumpkins!

It was a nice warm night out so I set up their garden dinner table out. We keep a pink glass dinner set in the green house for such an occasion.  Stir fry was for dinner so they ate that and had lemon water. Chickens were in the back yard so they wouldn't bother the girls. Any food in front of the chickens is fair game to them. Even the dogs raw chicken and rice. Yuck!

My oldest daughters best friend came over for the night. They too enjoyed dinner outside.  My husband and I enjoyed a quiet dinner inside. Yeah for us! Plus no messy clean up.  All left over food on the girls plates was fed to the chickens who enjoyed it very much. 

I should be just about done with my garden now. I have a few things that need a little more time getting bigger so they will stay in the green house.  This year the garden is all about the tomatoes.  I want to be able to make my own tomato sauce and can it.  Nothing beats a garden tomato sauce! Plus we grew way too many beans last year and my kids are sick of them. lol

So how is your garden? What are you growing a lot this year?

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