Saturday, April 27, 2013

April Food Budget $167.06

I decided to add this grocery bill to April because I ordered it in April. It won't be shipped till next week though. I order from Azure Standard  about once a month because it has excellent prices and large sizes of food. Here is what I ordered this time.

CodeProduct NameSizeQty OrderedPriceTotal
HS221Oregon Spice Tomato Powder, Dehydrated1 lb.1$10.50$10.50
HS592Oregon Spice Cinnamon, Ground, Organic1 lb.1$5.90$5.90
EO075Nature's Alchemy Peppermint0.5 oz.1$4.90$4.90
QP018Fresh Produce Onions, Yellow, Organic3 lbs.1$3.50$3.50
GY948Oregon Seafoods Albacore Tuna, Food Service Pouch4 lbs.1$39.15$39.15
HS217Oregon Spice Taco Seasoning Mix1 lb.1$6.35$6.35
QP324Fresh Produce Fresh Garlic, Organic1 lb.1$5.00$5.00
Estimated Total: $75.30

Tomato Powder-I am completely out of tomato sauce that I froze from last summer.  This year I will need to grow more tomatoes so I will not have to order this anymore.  I use tomato powder anytime I need to add a tomato taste to our food. Usually in mexican food. I find that it makes the dishes more moist.

Cinnamon-My girls LOVE cinnamon in their oatmeal or on their toast. I pay over $10 if I buy it locally from the bulk section. Here it's just about half that price. Just need to remember to order it and not over pay next time.

Peppermint Oil-I have been out of this oil for a long time. I use this oil in so many things from dog shampoo(keeps fleas at bay), candles and even for headaches. Its essential! In the stores I would pay over $10 so this is a great price. Again just need to remember to order it.

Organic yellow onions-I had to buy some from Whole Foods yesterday and they are $3.99 there. Here I can save 50 cents. Yes a tiny bit of money but hey it adds up to a big total later and then I feel bad. No more forgetting to order!

Albacore Tuna-My husband buys canned tuna from the stores and pays about .80 cents a can. Did I mention BPA laced cans? Yeah its horrible. So this is a test. Buying in large quantities and separating into smaller containers. This way we avoid BPA and avoid excess packaging.

Taco Seasoning-We love mexican food and cook it often. If I were to buy all these spices separately it would cost me at least $10 per pound.  Here Azure has the same spices already put together and for only a little over $6 per lb. This stuff is so good! It's not organic but its not filled with preservatives and has way less packaging than if I ordered packets. Win win if you ask me.

Organic garlic-I can find this locally at Whole Foods but it cost me $7.99 per pound. Here I pay $5. Yes $2 difference but hey its $2 and that adds up.

One thing I wanted to note as well is that when I order from Azure its free shipping (our total order for all families have to be over $750 to get free shipping making each of us having to order at least $50 to do this). Remember this when you decide to shop online. Most people forget about this small detail. Yes you might have picked a great deal on food but if your paying for shipping you have to add that in your total as well.  Make sure you remember this small detail.

These pennies that I save don't seem like a lot.  But when you add them up over time they make a big difference.

Check them out, call customer service & see if they deliver in your area

Grocery Outlet 
Adams Organic Peanut Butter $29.88
Coconut Organic Half n half $3.99
Coconut Milk $3.99

Total $37.86

Peanut butter-I didn't need any peanut butter but this was an excellent deal. These retail $5.00 each making these half the price. I can't even make my own peanut butter for that price. Plus these are glass jars with metal lids that I can reuse. Woot! 

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