Wednesday, April 24, 2013

In the frugal garden 2013

Things are finally looking good in the garden. When I first bought this house it really didn't have any garden at all.  A few random garden beds made of pressure treated wood and a ton of bulb plants in random places. I quickly took those beds out and spent a year taking out anything toxic, fixing the fences and getting organic soil in there. It seemed so overwhelming and I thought it would be a expensive process. Boy was I wrong. When we do everything ourselves we save a bundle of money. We also were given many things for free.  Little by little we made our foot print on this home.

This galvanized bucket I found at my grandmother's farmhouse.  She had these buried half way into the ground and filled them with sandy dirt. I imagine she kept her carrots and potatoes in them. For Christmas my daughter made me this cedar planter box. She took a industrial arts class & each project she had to do she made each of us a gift. She such a good thoughtful daughter.  These plants I started from seed or were given to me. I just transplanted them into these pots and put them by my door. I didn't want to plant edible plants in the galvanized bucket because its white stuff on the outside. It can be toxic from what I read so for now its just holding pretty flower plants. I did line the bucket with garden plastic (ack I know!) but again Im not eating anything from this bucket.

My neighbor Christy had this plant in her front yard but it wasn't doing to good. She gave me it and it now grows near my front door. When I'm buying plants I usually pick things that give me something in return. This usually means it had to be edible or it doesn't make the cut. So when people ask me if I want a free plant I usually take them up on the offer. I really do love this plant now. Its growing on me.

My peas are finally up and grabbing onto the tee pee I built. It's just a matter of time before you cannot see the bamboo poles. Inside I planted some chard that I found in my green house.  It somehow survived all winter long with no water. They have been in here for about a month and doubled in size. Hmmm maybe I will do the same this year. I bought a 32 pack of geraniums over the weekend so I tossed one of those in there for extra color. They are all red & I can't wait to see them all in bloom.
Ive shared this before but felt the need to do it again.  This is a old ladder that was my grandfather's. I found it out in the open on their property. I was going to hand it on the wall & make it into a bookshelf but instead I will use it out here until it will not stand anymore. It looks really pretty along my fence holding some herbs. I would love to find some little animal or garden gnomes.

Another large tee pee I built a few weeks ago. My beans are finally peeking out but I also planted some over the weekend. So when the first batch are done growing I will have another batch coming along shortly after.  First round is Valentine Black Beans and the second is Scarlet. My strawberry patch is growing right along side. What you cannot see is the corn I planted all along this wall.  I get lots of sun and the corn will shade this area nicely. My girls rooms get really hot and this should keep them much cooler.

Last year I planted some cabbage and it never really grew. Instead of pulling everything from this area I just left it. Well this week they flowered so my girls get to eat the pretty yellow flowers. Its pretty cute to watch them do it. Yes you can eat the flowers of any cabbage or broccoli plants. Actually lots of things can be eaten when flowering. Do your research first though :)  That birdbath was my grandmother's as well.  Doesn't hold water but it sure looks good with hens n chicks. 

So as you can see it doesn't cost much to have a garden. It also takes time to do things. Just be patient and have fun with it. Oh and never refuse a plant unless its a nasty plant that will spread and choke your other plants. Just be wise when it comes to ground cover. Currently Im digging out a ground cover that smothered my mint patch. UUURRRR!!! I will share pictures as soon as I complete that project.  

Go get out in the garden. I mean it. 

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