Sunday, January 29, 2012

25 random things you didn't know about me

Good day to you all!

I just wanted to share a few things about myself. Enjoy!

1.  I am 35 years old but feel like I'm still 17.

2.  When I gave birth to my twins I thought they were switched at birth. You see my two older girls were born with blond hair and blue eyes. The twins had a head full of brown hair with dark eyes.

3.  I have loved nature my whole life.  My first favorite place was Mt Scott Park in Portland Oregon.  The tree's were so tall and beautiful. There is a smell about that place that you just have to smell for yourself. Skate park, water pool and giant metal slide you burnt your butt on during the summer. I miss it.

4.  I never learned how to play a instrument ever.

5.  When I take a bath I read the labels on my shampoo and other items. Ive read them many times.   It's weird I know.

6.  Ive never played sports in school.

7.  Pet Peeves-bad drivers, tags sticking out of clothes, chairs not pushed in, people who double check their items when they are being checked out at the cash register and getting over charged $$.

8.  Optimistic always.

9.  Know no other languages unless you count Pig Latin a language.

10.  I love pie crust. Not in pie.  Just the crust.

11.  Addicted to Yahtzee. Either old school or my new App. Love it.

12. Went to high school with my husband and always thought he was cute. Yet we never personally met till I was 19. Found out later his sister was a girl I knew since 6th grade. Small world.

13.  I love running. I run the Helvatia Half Marathon each year and added the Hippie Chick Half Marathon this year. My daughter will join me for that one.

14.  My last job I was a price coordinator for a craft store. I worked there for 10 years.

15.  I collect records of all kinds of music.  My wonderful husband bought me my first record player.  My second record player was my late father's and I cherish it.  Just can't beat the sound of a record.

16. I lived in South East Portland till the age of 11.  I then lived in Forest Grove till the age of 21.  I may have some small town girl in me but my heart will always belong to Portland Oregon. I heart Portland.

17.  I have four of the most adorable daughters. One of which is my size now. :(

18.  Favorite book is The Diary of Anne Frank. My 11 year old is reading it right now which makes me happy.

19.  I'm pretty scrappy.  And I'm not talking about scrap booking.  Just sayin...

20.  My first bike was a orange banana seat bike.  The old neighbor man who lived behind us would rebuild bikes and give them to kids in the neighborhood.  Bless that man. I rocked that bike.

21.  My first job ever was Little Cesar's Pizza where I met my first boyfriend and had my first kiss.  I was 17.

22.  My favorite colors are all of them.

23.  I hold grudges longer than I should.

24.  My first crush was Ryan Huson.  It lasted from 6th-9th grade.  I owe my friend Tanya who some how convinced him to dance with me one time. He was also the first boy to break my heart.

25. I grew up in a single parent home.  I owe everything to my mama.  It is her who taught me everything I know.   It is also her I have to thank for letting my step dad into my heart. He showed my sister and I what a real dad was like.  And even though we had him for only a few years, we will always cherish our times together. RIP dad I miss and love you each day. 

Go ahead and share 25 things about yourself. I dare you.
Stop picturing me on my orange banana seat bike!

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pennypincherjz said...

Ok here it goes.
#1 I am 38 years old but feel like I'm 25.=)
#2 Gained a new best friend and child when my wife and I got guardianship of her 16 year old sister.
#3 I am a realist and believe life is what you make of it.
#4 I love the outdoors. Hunting, Fishing, Camping, Hiking, Canoeing, anything to do with nature.
#5 My idea of a vacation is a tent and being surrounded by miles of wilderness.
#6 Sorry Nancy but I am one of those people who double check their items when I think I am being over charged.
#7 Enjoy cooking new foods and experimenting with new recipes.
#8 Try to always keep looking forward but love to reminisce about the past.
#9 Love going for long bike rides.
#10 Moved back to my home town after being away for 17 years. I couldn't think of a better place to raise my children. I hope they have as much fun growing up here as I did.
#11 Besides my sister-in-law I have 2 other children one boy, one girl, who make me feel like a lost soul when they are not with me.
#12 I enjoy music but I prefer the sounds of the outdoors. It allows me to think clearly.
#13 Happily married 11 years.
#14 I want to travel to every national park before I die.
#15 My goal for this year is to lose 50+lbs. Down 11 so far.
#16 I quit a 17 year pack or more a day smoking habit 1 year and 2 months ago. Hence the need to lose some weight. Snacks became my crutch.
#17 I feel much happier and healthier since I started my new way of eating. I don't want to call it a diet because I don't intend to go back to the way I was eating.
#18 Employed in the telecom and data industry for the last 14 years and I can honestly say I like my job.
#19 I grew up on Harsens Island. Yes a real island surrounded by water, where you had to take a ferry boat to leave the island.
#20 I went to elementary school at the last working 2 room school house in Michigan. (Yes on Harsens Island. It closed about 10 years ago. Now its a restaurant.("The School House Grille"))
#21 My father taught me to be a man, my mother taught me to be compassionate.
#22 My first job was washing dishes at age 13 for $3.35/hr.
#23 I am looking forward to some summer camping trips.
#24 I prefer Coca-Cola in glass bottles over plastic.
#25 I try too hard sometimes.

Sorry this took so long. I had a very busy day.