Thursday, January 19, 2012

Frugal Fashions

From time to time I find some cute frugal finds for myself.  Enjoy!

Top and cardigan were about 25 cents each. I found these at my local Goodwill Outlet and paid $1 a pound for them. The more you buy from Goodwill the less it is per pound. Top needed one small stitch but  only took me a minute and now is perfect. 

Jeans I bought on sale from the junior section of Aeropostale for only $12.  I am able to buy from the junior section because I'm right in between juniors and women's sizes. Remember this when your shopping!

Flower clip I paid a $1 for at H&M. I'm really into flowers in my hair right now and this color will look great in just about any outfit. 

The hemp bird necklace I made several years ago when I was working at a craft store.  I have been making hemp jewelry for about 20 years now.  This necklace in question is about 6 years old. The great thing about hemp jewelry is that the more you wear it the more comfy it is. 

There you go! My complete frugal outfit that only cost me.....drum roll please.........$13.50. Woot woot!

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