Friday, January 20, 2012

Frugal Finds

I have a friend who lives close to me named Theresa. We went to high school together and in the last year or so have been friendly on Facebook. Theresa has organic produce delivered to her by Organics To You.  Its great for people who are busy in life or simply do not like shopping in stores (I'm starting to get that way). Sometimes she just cannot eat all the produce and leaves it on her porch for me. I love it because its like getting a Christmas gift that I cannot wait to see whats in it. I love when I get something new and have to figure out a way to use it up.   This is what she gave me today. This is why sometimes you see me saying Thanks Theresa on my post.  So once again THANKS THERESA!!!!

I had a lunch date with my husband and on the way home I stopped by Albertson's to get some ibuprofen.  While I'm there I like to see if they have any mark downs which are marked with bright green tags.  Sometimes I get lucky and find organic items on sale. Today I found Egglands Best free range non organic vegetarian fed chicken eggs for $1.99.  Retailed for $5 (who in their right mind pays that price?).  They expire in 2 days which is why they were cheap. So I purchased them, brought them home and quickly made hard boiled eggs. My girls love snacking on these.

I also found a cart full of nuts and dried cranberries.  They were not expired so I think they are a seasonal item that they don't normally carry.  They were 50% off $3.99.  I did the math and I would pay $2.56 a pound. That's way cheaper than if I bought them in bulk so I decided to snag 10 bags of them.  I KNOW I KNOW what your going to say! I already mentally slapped myself. They are in plastic. BUT I saved a ton of money and they are just cranberries and sugar. See I have proof!

I just want you to see that plastic does sometimes sneak into my home but only if its a steal of a deal.  I try my best to keep only organic items in my home but having four children you have to rethink what you buy sometimes.  You know what I did after that right?
Of course I'm putting them in glass jars. The reason I wanted cranberries is because frankly I get tired of eating raisins and my kids just don't like raisins all that much.  I love cranberries and use them in things all the time. I toss them in cookies, homemade bread with cinnamon, make my own trail mix, and sometimes I just grab a hand full for a snack.  These will get put to good use. 

So what about you?
What items do you buy that's non organic?

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Sarah Arkwright said...

I've got a jar of generic, cheap peanut butter that I use for cookies, bars, and such. I had a couple peanut butter disasters from the freshly ground stuff that wasted money and resources and I came to the realization that a few of my recipes (usually from my grandma's old church cookbook) just needed some Jiff.