Friday, January 27, 2012

January Food Budget $212.52

I have decided to stop my $50 a week and just share with you my food purchases.  I will add them up each month and hopefully learn from my purchases.    I also will give reasons why I purchase certain things and give tips on how to save money.  By the end of the month I will be able to share with you my total for the month. So here we go!


$3.69 Organic Sauerkraut
$5.98 RBST Free Butter 2 box
$1.39 RBST Free Sunshine Dairy Whipping Butter (my oldest wants to make butter)
$3.99 Organic Gallon of Milk (price went down by a buck!!!!!)
$2.46 Fair Trade Banana's
$8.17 All Natural Ground Beef
$1.49 Sunshine Dairy Half n Half
$2.00 Organic Yellow Bell Pepper (Sale $1 each)
$2.00 Organic Orange Bell Pepper (sale $1 each)
$1.99 Veg Fed Free Range Eggs
$11.98 Organic Red Wine (2 bottles)
$2.50 Organic Mustard
$1.81 Organic Grapefruit (was on sale but rang up regular price uurrr!)
$10.00 Organic Avocado (10 of them on sale for $1 each woot!)


This week I bought banana's because I still have oranges from last week.  Banana's will be used to eat alone or put in oatmeal in the mornings.  Who knows maybe even banana bread.

I have bell peppers in my freezer but these were such a great price and they were extremely large peppers.  These will be cut up and put in the freezer.  Bell peppers in any recipe is amazing.

The avocado's I usually don't buy but again were on a one day sale and its the lowest price Ive seen.  I bought them green so that I would have to wait to eat them all.  My daughter also thinks these are cheap and eats them up. She will not touch a green one though.  These should last a while....hopefully.

I broke down and bought a large container of mustard finally. I LOVE mustard and completely failed at making it myself.  You win mustard. Oh how I love you.

So far the total for my January Food budget is $212.52 and that includes todays purchases.  So as you can see eating organic will not break the bank.  Just gotta be creative with your money.

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