Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Go green? Frugal's its easier than you think!

Most people think going green cost more money, when it fact its not. Since ive gone green, ive saved myself hundreds each year. Here are some easy ways ive gone green.

Laundry-I make my own soap. I save myself $12-$20 each month just by making my own soap. I spend about 1 cent per load I wash. Yep, and its super easy. Learn how here:
You can use eco friendly dryer sheets which are usually about the same as standard sheets. I tear mine in half and use them a few times. They work for about 4 times. Making my sheets go super far.

Cleaners-You can make your own for pennies easily. Just look up on google "homemade cleaners" and you can find thousands of recipe's. Most cost just pennies to make.

Furniture-Instead of buying new furniture, buy second hand. Its recycling! Find a couch you love 2nd hand but its an ugly color? Buy a cotton cover for it. You can wash it whenever you want, and cotton is the most durable. This will save you hundreds of dollars. We found a table set we wanted for over $500 at Ikea, looked on and found the same identical set with matching buffet for only $400. Rethink your thinking!

Clothing-again you can save hundreds each year if you buy 2nd hand. Here are ways I save a bundle each year to buy clothes for my 4 daughters.
-2nd hand. Goodwill Outlets sell by the lb. 0-20 lb $1.59 per lb. Or buy 50 lbs of clothing and household items for .59 cents per lb. So go in with a friend and split the cost. 50 lbs of clothing for only $35? I say yes to that! And its recycling!
-Free. Let friends and family know you will take anything from them. And do the same in return. Give them clothes your children have outgrown for their kids. They will do the same. Ive given and recieved so much great clothing this way. Plus its FREE and its recycling.

Food-I buy alot of food in bulk. Its cheaper because you dont pay for packaging. Packaging im going to have to recycle when I get home. You can find lots of organic, whole grain healthy items there. Buy more, they will in return sell more items in bulk. Winco is excellent for this. Also buy from markets. They are organic, dont use pesticides, and are super cheap. Buy at the end of season and get even super deals. If you know how to can items, even better. You can save them for later. I do this with green beans. I paid $16 for a huge 20 lb box of green beans. I canned them and am still using them now 6 months later.

Household items-I shop online for alot of my green items. has great deals. You can find anything to do with the home at this site. My #1 reccomended site of all. I found cotton organic mesh bags for my produce for only $1.99 each. Can be washed and is eco friendly. Buy or find at thrift stores(even better) and reuse your bags. Saving tree's from being cut down to make paper bags, and save plastic bags from being left all over our planet. Also saving alot of animals. This saves stores money ( bring their prices down), you money(putting that money somewhere else) and is eco friendly.

Outside-Stuff like lawn mulch, plants, and compost can be found for free. Start a compost bin by using a old trash bin with a lid by just drilling holes in it everywhere. Use this compost later for new soil. Have a friend getting rid of plants? Take them and incorporate into your garden. Left over wood from another project? Use it to make a flower bed and grow your own garden. Left over bread items? Tear them into pieces and throw them into your yard for all birds and animals to eat. Neighbor throwing out rock? Use it as barkdust. Weeds cant grow because the rocks get warm in the sunlight and they never break down. Think outside the box.

I hope ive inspired you to be more green. This is my life goal and I continue to teach and hopefully people learn how easy it can be to be green. And in return saving you some green.


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