Monday, January 5, 2009

Reusable Bags Product Review

Reisenthel Market Basket $39.99

Winner prestigious Design Plus award
Durable, lightweight aluminum frame
Tough, tear-proof polyester cover
Collapsible, with removable supports on sides
Sturdy bottom with rubber feet
Soft rubber-grip handle
Zip pocket inside

Test. I took this shopping and just loved it. The removable supports I didn't use because I found it easier to take with me because it could collapse and store much easier. Bright and very beautiful! Super sturdy fabric is a big enough reason to buy this. I had so many comments on how pretty this bag is and wanted to know where I bought it. Perfect for browsing and small shopping. My kids just love to carry it for me. This is my all time favorite bag to use.

Reisenthel Cityshopper XL $34.99
Large bag - good alternative for bulky, odd-shaped items
Durable, lightweight, tear-proof polyester
Carry over shoulder - 2 sturdy carrying straps with snap hooks
Large inner zip pocket with mobile phone pocket

Test. This bag again is so beautiful and I had so many comments from it. I use this one to hold all other reusable bags and when I do big shopping. Perfect size for large items. Thought I would have an issue with the handle but its perfect to hang on your shoulder.
Trying to come up with a bag that I like better but I cant. I love them both. I would recommend buying these bags from reusablebags. Not only are they amazing for reusable anything, but they are budget friendly. Think about how many uses you can get from these. Going to grandma's house, bringing gifts over to a relatives house, books, going to the gym, groceries, and just about anything else. I just love reusablebags. This site is amazing. They have had some great sales, and their customer service is top notch. Not only are they helping you find things that are budget friendly, but they are helping to support companies that are earth friendly, give you every detail they can come up with, and their site is super easy to navigate. This site is the best I found that isn't trying to get you to spend money on stupid stuff. Its all about conserving, sustainability, Eco friendly, and is family friendly. From adult stuff, to kids items. They have it all. This is my number one site!

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