Tuesday, January 6, 2009

We payed how much?

So my husband and I discussed ways of saving money the other night. Knowing that when we move, we would be paying two house payments and needed to cut back at least until our house sold. There was plenty to cut back on. First was our dish network. $50 a month just to have extra channels that we ended up only watching a few. Channel 112 hgtv, and channel 12 local news was pretty much the only thing we watched. Was it worth it? I guess the answer was yes until we looked at it more closely. Well, its now gone. Turned off and goodbye. I do miss the pausing live tv button. With kids, its needed and nice. So rabbit ears it is. I will miss our dish network but I dont need it. Every month we had issue's with dish network and took forever for them to fix each problem. But the second we told them we didnt want their service, they were bending over backwards wanting us to keep their business. Payments, extended plan, lowering our bill, etc. Crazy. If they would just be that way all the time, they would have more customers.
Makes you wonder.
Now onto the phone. Do we really use it? No. Living in this town, you have to have long distance. Its long distance from this town on for some reason. But the town next to us isnt, just a little too wierd. Anyways, we really dont call anyone anyways. We both have cells and dont talk on the phone much so this was something we had no problem getting rid of. $50 just for that. When we move, and my cell phone plan runs out (in a few short months) we will get basic phone service. $10 a month. This will save us a bundle.
Thinking about it now, I feel pretty stupid paying $100 month just for these two things. Thinking about it made me realize how much time I really did spend watching tv and how little I really did talk on the phone. We could of been saving $100 a month if we had thought of this earlier. I could kick myself. This could of been put in savings and we would have well over $2,000 by now and it would of had interest too. UURRR.
My point, well I try to have one but sometimes it doesnt happen. lol! Look at what you spend every month. Ask yourself, Do I really need it? Is $50 worth having a few extra channels? Do I talk on the phone that much? Where else can I save money?

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