Thursday, September 24, 2009

Happy Anniversary!!!!

Yes, its official. My baby blog is now 1 years old. Im still going strong and have many readers to thank for it. You guys really do keep me going. And I am still non profit which was a task in itself. But I stuck to my goal and made it with flying colors. Thank you so much for all the great comments and idea's. Keep them coming!
Today is all about celebrating for me. I am taking the day off to have some family time. I thought I would give this day to you my readers. Comment today on your favorite part of the blog. Comment about anything really. I want to hear from you what you love about this blog. Did you save a ton of money on something? Find a good deal and want to share it? Tried one of my easy recipe's? I want to hear from you this time!

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Tamara said...

Ah...HAPPY BIRTHDAY BLOG!!! And blog mommy. :)

Since you take the time every day to blog for each of us and you save us all a lot of time by doing research we may not be able to get around to or even know about I hope you get good replies for your request for feedback from your readers. :)

I've shared your blog with many of my friends and family over the last year because as you know and share with us all....each penny ads up. Even if they add up to be donated to be used for nonprofits or other things we care about.

As a parent to be, your family tips are a great treat for me and help to give or spark lovely family activities and cost saving tips.

I of course like to find some good freebies on your site but I enjoy more to get the good tips about the sales you find on everyday items such as your latest post about Seventh Generation and coupons.

I like that you are also very descriptive about how to do things that you are sharing information about. Like if you have a freebie but it takes a few steps you let us know. Your post about Fishful Thinking. You not only gave us information on Fishful Thinking and how they came to be but you took the time to give a broader look at things to expect to see and learn from/about them.

I'm a recipe lover of yours as well. Food or things like your soap. I've never truthfully followed them but I have a plan of when I will so it's nice to know I can go on here and get them when I'm ready. Plus I would have never thought I could make my own soap. Keep giving those good ideas and how to's!!

As an animal lover I'd love to hear some great animal tips for cost savings and better manners to Mother earth. Like the pet waste disposal options that you can install at home. Ways to find healthy food for the four legged kids etc.

Maybe a monthly theme/goal and with your good contacts for suppliers you could get prizes from those companies or retailers so advertise about freely (like your sandwich bag gal) who would send you free stuff to use as your giveaways.

Thank you so much for taking your time to help make the world and the families in it happier, healthier and more connected.

Keep up the good work Queen of Surviving and Thriving on Pennies!