Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Dye, may I never see you again.

Of course i'm talking about hair dye. Since high school I have always dyed my own hair.  Back then I went blonde, red, and just about every other color you can think of.  Of course this was before I had children or even thought about what I was putting into my body.
Years have passed and I have made just about every single part of my life a healthy greener path. That is except for my hair dye. Part of the reason is because there really were not healthy alternatives to hair dye until recently.  Another part is because i'm scared to see how much the natural kind really is. But those are just excuses and if I really care about this earth and what I put into my body, I need to invest in the natural hair dye.
When a lead-based dye is applied to the hair, the interaction between lead and the keratin in hair yields black lead sulphide, which gradually but permanently darkens the hair. The modern version of Grecian Formula contains lead acetate and is advertised as a product that "Gradually restores lost color to graying hair...naturally."  Part of the product's appeal is that it darkens the hair very gradually, so the change is less obvious.
Even when used as directed, lead acetate in hair dyes spread from a user's hands to whatever surfaces its touched.  Toxicologist found that these hair dyes contain four to ten times more lead than is allowed in house paint. This part just about made me sick. Stylist are even more prone to problems. Decreased fertility rates is just one problem they have.  Studies have found that the color black is the worst of the worst. It has the most cancer causing chemicals in it.  Yes it might have only small amounts of chemicals which do nothing  significant but those chemicals do add up. Just think about how often you dye your hair. I do my hair every other month but some people get theirs done once a month. Over the months and years these chemicals really do add up.
The only way you can avoid using these kinds of hair dyes is to read all the labels.  The names may change but the ingredients will never go away unless you choose to rid them out of your life. And this is exactly what I intend to do.

One great company I have found is called Eco Colors. I registered for free on their site www.ecocolors.net and was surprised to see that one home kit only cost $18.50. Thats still way cheaper than going to the salon. Here's a few facts about this product.

-EcoColors is a super-conditioning permanent hair color with Flax Oil, Castor Oil, 100% Organic Flower Essences, Vitamin E / C and Natural Preservatives!

-They only use the finest ingredients in the composition of our UNIQUE hair color and they created it with non toxic in mind.

-To this day, EcoColors Permanent Haircolor consistently surpasses it's competitors in performance and quality with super conditioning gray coverage that is natural looking and shiny.

-Super conditioning

- Produces healthy, shiny results

-Professional strength gray coverage

- Create Hi-Lights and Low-Lights

- In a gel form for easy application

- Silk, strengthens the integrity of the hair and prevents breakage.

- 100% Natural Preservatives

-No additives needed
- Contains flax oil, castor oil, 100% organic flower essences.

- Vitamin E, vitamin C and natural antioxidants

-No mineral oils!

- Paraben free!

-Gluten free!

-Sulfite free!

-Ethanolamine free!

-Propylene glycol free!

-Eco Colors can be found in many natural salons so ask for it.

I will never again buy and use another hair dye from my local super market. In one  month i'm due to go out and get some dye but this time its gonna be all natural. Of course I will do a green review so keep your eyes peeled for that one.  I will also be on the look out for many more options for us dye addicted people.

Facts-Special thanks for the book Green barbarians by Ellen Sandbeck 2010. Another great place I found information was this Fox News site. Has a  video with lots of helpful information. Check it out here http://www.foxnews.com/search-results/m/22484790/toxic-hair-dye.htm

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Lynzie said...

I literally just dyed my hair on Monday. I wish I would have waited to dye my hair after reading this. Thanks for posting this blog and I have bookmarked EcoColors for the future.