Saturday, March 20, 2010

Easter is coming. Are you ready?

We do the usual each year. Buy a dye kit and let the kids go nuts. Thats all about to change. This year I plan on trying to dye our eggs a more natural way. Not sure which method we are going to use but I thought I would share all these great idea's with you. I found some great crafts and all around fun projects for the whole family. Remember you do not have to stick to the plan, you can alter your project anyway you want. :)

Make and Take has lots of great idea's.
Hunt for mixed up eggs is a fun way to get the kids to find the eggs you ( I mean the Easter bunny!) hide.
Easter candy made into lollipops is sure to get the kids excited.
Recycled Easter bunny basket would be so much fun! shows us how to make natural easter dye from lots of herbs and produce.

Jupiterschild sells all natural easter dye kits for only $12 (plus shipping) on Whats nice is that she does all the work for you, you just have fun!

Better Homes & garden has great recipes for all natural dye's that you can use for Easter eggs.

You didn't think Martha Stewart would forget to show us the perfect way to dye egg's did you? Oh Martha, you did it again!

Looking to buy Easter gifts? Here are a few great finds!

Take a peek at these beautiful wool eggs I found on  Maybe they will inspire you to do your own craft!

Easter Plantable Paper would be really fun. Just send or give this great gift and let their gift grow!

Give this worried bunny to any little one. I just love the simplicity of this bunny.

Donate this set of Easter Crayons to your child's classroom. What fun would these be!

I am in love with these nested hair pins. So beautiful.

Easter Galore

activity village has dozens of Easter printables for you.

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