Thursday, March 4, 2010

PVC Free Shower Curtain Options

Do you feel like this when you think of your shower curtain? I know I do. These toxic PVC plastic curtains are expensive! Seriously, why so much? They need to be replaced every 6 months or so and the thought of it just makes me cringe. I will have to go shell out $20 for a plastic PVC shower curtain, take it home and let it air out a few days and then hang it up. Yes they have some really pretty ones but really is it worth it? No!  For years I would not buy them because they were just too darn expensive. Instead I would just buy a clear or white liner and use it instead. It make it last a long time I would put tape over the holes at the top and use a hole punch to redo the hole. This way it would not tear as easily and would last much longer. But I could not get around the fact that it smelt so bad. These off gases cannot be good!
PVC  also known as Plyvinyle Chloride is the third most widely used plastic. You would be surprised to know that PVC is in your closet right now. Those leather like jackets, coats, shoe's, apron's and many types of bags are full of PVC. Sex toys are also made from many many types of PVC or phthalate softeners which is a huge concern because they are touching your body from the inside making it easier for leaching.   Half the PVC manufactured in the world is used for plumbing pipes. This means that your drinking water could be running through PVC pipes and when heated it leaks toxins into the water. Many of the chemicals added to PVC (to make flexible etc) leach and can make you sick.  Toys years ago were made with many plastics made from PVC and children would chew on them and toxins would leach into their mouths.  In 2006 European Commission banned the use of 6 types of phthalate softeners in toys. Many studies have linked PVC Plyvinyle Chloride to liver angiosarcoma and alsooccupational cancers. Now that you have learned about PVC, avoid it at all cost.

If your in the market for a shower curtain or want to replace your nasty PVC one with a greener version, your in luck. They make a new EVA option. EVA is a more environmentally friendly plastic that is produced without chlorine. EVA has become more widely available and you can find it just about anywhere now.  I did all the dirty work for you. Here are some places to buy safe shower curtains. Remember to factor in shipping cost as well. Might be a good deal online but then the shipping cost could get you.

They sell a PVC free curtain liner (could be used by itself) for only $2.36  here.  Or if you want just a shower curtain itself, you can find 5 different EVA ones here from $10-$20.

Crate and Barrel
Two options to buy them here for about $10.

Several EVA options here ranging from $7.20-$29.99. Best selection I found so far.

I only found one liner here but is still a pretty good price considering you do not have to pay shipping cost.

I am guilty just like all of you of buying those nasty smelly plastic liners and curtains. But next time I need to replace my liner, its gonna be a EVA one!  I think I might just go up to my Target today and replace my new one anyways. Stomach is just curdling thinking about the nasty PVC  monster thing in my bathroom. I feel so guilty even having in there exposing my children to the off gases. Okay, I am out of here. I cannot wait any longer. Later!

UPDATE:Just went to my local Target and the only EVA or PVC free liners I could find were $5.99. Still pretty cheap considering you do not have to pay shipping and such.  Its a little frustrating considering you can only get that liner they show in stores only and cannot order online. Yet when you go to get it, its 3x the price. Might have to send a friendly email stating my frustrations. No, I did not buy it. Why? Because its false advertising if you ask me.


Wonder-ful said...

Yay! Thank you for following up with this one. I'm going to have to get a new liner. We have a small shower and never can find small liners, so one (cut down the middle) lasts twice as long.

Unfortunately, we've only used the cruddy kind so we get the plastic smell twice as long before needing a new liner.

And I so need a new liner now.


Patty said...

Wow, you're fast. Thanks for getting on that! I'll have to learn more about EVA plastics. Luckily we only have one tub that takes a curtain (other shower stall is glass door) and its used infrequently at this time (guest bath) so that makes the costs not too bad but I still hope to limit the offgassing! Not sure on items that are only a few dollars but sometimes you can get Target or Wallmart to do 'free ship to store' so you can get online items without paying shipping.
I like having someone do the research for me. Time for me to think of anyother question to spawn a post from you! :-)

Surviving and thriving on pennies said...

Wonder-ful-I too have a shower that doesn't need a liner. Its a old school shower with an according type door. Yes, its that old. I think from the 60's. Eventually it will be replaced but for now it works!

Patty-Any questions welcomed! I'm not expert but if there's a will, there's a way when it comes to living a healthy green life.

For all my readers-Anytime you have a question about anything just ask away! I love doing research and writing about what I find. I am such a huge fact junkie that I actually love looking for things and finding out the sneaky little things companies dont want us to know. So keep those questions coming!

Patty said...

I saw one of our super walmarts has lots of "PEVA" liners that were PVC free. Cheapest was only $2.50. I'm still not certain what PEVA is since its still 'plasticy' but I guess its better plastic. They also had some interesting fabric shower curtains but I'm not sure what they are made of that waterproofs them.

Shelley said...

Young House Love went with a fabric shower liner - I'm not sure if that would work better or not?