Friday, March 26, 2010


Off to Goodwill Outlet today with my girls. If you have never been to a outlet, you might wanna track down your closest one! Everything is sold by the pound except furniture which is marked own super cheap. Nothing is hung so you get a work out digging through bins.  Today i'm on the hunt for shirts. For some reason I keep getting pin holes in my shirts. I think its a conspiracy thing! Companies make their shirts get holes in them somehow so I have to go buy more. Kinda a kawinka-dink that they only get holes in the front don't ya think? Urrr! (as I raise my fist to the sky). I'm sure I will find lots of things besides shirts and of course I will share them with you!
Speaking of saving money, are you looking for a good read? My best all time go to books are The Tightwad Gazette by Amy Dacyczyn.  Start with one and you will soon wanna buy I, II, and III. This book is a how to live your life on a frugal budget. From amazing recipe's, how to build things, how to stretch your food budget, and so many quirky tips that I cannot write them all down. This is a must have set of books! I own all 3 and pull them out to read all the time. Go get them!

UPDATE:I spent $20 and was able to get one very large bag full of stuff. Only 3 shirts for myself bummer! But some is better than none. Was able to find a almost brand new pair of Lands End winter boots for my daughter. Those alone are expensive.

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