Monday, July 12, 2010

Garden Times

My garden has not changed at all which really urks me. As you can see (left near fence) my pea's are doing well. I have beets growing right in front of them and they seem to be doing okay too. You see those blank dirt area's?  What you cannot see if the organic potato's that I planted and should come up any day. Last year my garden was huge and I could barely walk around anything. I think that since I reorganized my garden, the bugs have easy access to my plants. Before I had treated wood (previous owners installed them) and the slugs were not able to get to my plants.  Now since there is no barrier they have free access. So as you can see, i'm not growing much in my garden this year. I think this year will be a tester year for me. I'm going to try my hand at homemade garden insect repellents.

On the bright side I have a wonderful pumpkin patch! They are doing very well and growing like crazy now. I have no idea what kind of pumpkins I planted here but thats fine. I'm just happy they are growing so nicely. I was worried that my dog would eat them but she isn't interested in them at all. Yeah!  Soon I will be making a small fence and taking out those horrible plants in the top of the picture. Not sure what flowers they are but they are invasive and they gots to be going!

Our project from the last few months has been this wall.  As you can see, our neighbors property is a few feet higher than ours. We were getting tons of water run off from their property and our property gets flooded each fall to the point where my children cannot play in the backyard till we've had some sun to dry it out.  Were hoping now that the wall is up, it will stop the run off. What you cannot see is the tubes in the wall that take the water to a pipe that leads to the front of our home. Now i'm filling the wall in with perennials that I find on sale or marked down. I just love saving plants from getting tossed. The hosta's(spelling?) you see were taken from my front yard and transplanted. The previous owner planted way too many things and had no rhyme or reason to anything she planted. Way too much if you ask me. Ive been moving things around since we bought this house.

Now how cool is this pot? HELLA COOL! I bought this at a yard sale for only fifty cents. I would of paid at least ten bucks for this if I bought it new. My rosemary plant is very happy in it now. I just love the aged look of it.
Last but not least everyone needs a gnome. I have 2 that I found at Michaels for half price. Each day I move them or the twins move them. Its our hide and seek game which keeps my garden fun for them. This gnome is up and ready to be moved, the other gnome is laying down and being lazy. But to be honest if I was a gnome, I would be laying around doing nothing in the sun too. Lucky gnomes!
How cute is this gnome!

What a cute trio

Travelocity Gnome anyone?

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Lisa Sharp said...

Wow your garden is beautiful! Want to come build me one? hehe