Friday, July 23, 2010

Holy cow bat man! I suck!

I just realized I have not blogged in almost a week. My mind has been else where and Ive been so busy with way too many things. This summer has just flown by for us. From putting in our support wall, putting up our fence, doing yard work, taking our girls to and from soccer practice, not to mention the tournaments we've had over the last 3 weekends, oh and then we have to squeeze everyday life into that as well. I'm telling you, its just been crazy for us. So basically I just wanted to say sorry and I suck.

Most people who know me think that i'm cool as a cucumber but I have a little secret to tell you. I'm a stressful driver. No i'm serious. Its not good. Ive been driving for about 13 years now and up until about 2 years ago I've had a clean record. I'm thinking its just luck. So far in the last 2 1/2 years I've managed to get 2 speeding tickets, 1 running a stop sign (which I didn't and fought it) and now I can add bumping a Jeep to it. I was going so slow that I didn't even know I bumped her. Literally. Anyways to make a long story short I won't be driving unless I have to. I will be using these two feet attached to my body to get around.  Only trips to and from soccer practice will be driven. I'm not happy about having to pay for a new hood and head light but it was an eye opener. Basically I suck at driving and all in all its a good thing. Less driving means less gas used, less damage to the air and means its a good thing all around.

I'm not perfect and I make mistakes. Really really bad ones....Which gets me thinking. What is your weakness? Do you have a secret? Lets swap stories and have fun with it.

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This might help me de-stress?

Maybe I need a plan?

Oohh this is what I need!

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