Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th of July!!

Morning everyone! Not a whole lot going on here today. I forgot that I needed to share my meals with you so now its time for catch up. It was a last minute dinner that was easy to make. It was pretty hot outside and I didn't want to get too many burners going so this is what I came up with.


Organic Tortilla's from Costco
2 cups of organic pinto beans (I bought dehydrated, re-hydrated and froze.)
Organic Tomato from  Marks NW Fresh Produce
Sour Cream
Shredded cheese
Organic Lettuce (my neighbors garden..perks of watching her dog)

I added my own spices to the beans for a few reasons. My oldest daughter is a vegetarian so we usually eat vegetarian meals most the time. Its cheaper to add your own plus no preservatives.  And last but not least its so darn yummy!


2 tbsp of Chili powder
1 tbsp of Cumin
1 tsp onion powder
1/2 tsp of garlic powder
1 tsp of salt (or less.add to your likings)

When I add these spices I also add a bit of water and about 1 tbsp of olive oil.  Helps the spices mix and taste better.There are never any left overs with this meal.  Layer in this order

Organic chips
Organic Pinto Beans
Sour Cream

We are a pretty low key family so were spending the 4th at home. Usually we just buy about $20 worth of fireworks and let them off when it gets dark. Nothing too exciting here. My husband really does't like this holiday because of all the loud and annoying fireworks. I on the other hand really like it but do not like to drive anywhere.I'm a bit of a freak and do not like driving on any major holiday due to all the stupid people drinking and driving.  But this year my neighbor came up with a great idea to have a potluck in our culta-sack and share our fireworks. So i'm excited to have fun and not go anywhere. Whahoo!

For the potluck i'm making a fruit salad from Marks NW Fresh Produce. Fruit consist of banana(79 cents per lb), cherries($2.99 per lb), nectarines (99 cents per lb), grapes (99 cents per lb), and mix it all with whip cream. MMMMM! I will also bake a loaf of bread and serve it with my onion dip (sour cream and powdered onion with pepper). Both will only take me 1 hour to make.

What about you? What are your frugal 4th of July plans?

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