Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Not so perfect

As promised here is your picture of proof. My running buddy Michele is on the left and a friend of her's Amber on the right. This race I wanted to blend in with the crowd (unlike our last race) so I found those awesome socks and decided our theme would be old school. What I didn't know was that in this particular race not much people dress up. Out of the almost 3,000 people who did the race, we were one of maybe 2 other people who were wearing fun stuff. No matter, it was fun and you could not miss us. I really lost count of how many people said they loved the socks. If you want to find some crazy socks, head on over to Aries a locally and operated all female sports clothing company. LOVE THEM!

I have to say this picture is a favorite of mine. It show's my personality and all you who know me know this is true. I'm a bit off if you know what I mean.  But this is why my friends and family love me. I do not like taking pictures of myself at all. I always look angry and I cannot understand why. Drives me nuts. I also have low self esteem and just have never really thought of myself as a pretty girl. But this picture for some reason makes all those feelings go away. I accomplished something that I wanted to do. I did this for myself and maybe this is why I love this picture. Oh and my legs look fricking hot!  For once I see a beautiful strong woman. Its a nice feeling.

Yesterday was my first actual day of no kids in the house. No training, no chores, and just relaxing on my list of things to do. My best friend Dulbs came over and I helped her jean shop. On our way home we had some pretty good conversations about many things. One of which I wanted to address here on my blog. I feel as if sometimes people think i'm perfect when it comes to being a greenie. Greenie is what we call ourselves in the Facebook world. People who live their life as Eco friendly as possible and try to make the smallest impact on this earth. Anytime I step out of the "image" people have of me its almost like a shocker. Which kinda bothered me a little bit.

In no way am I perfect when it comes to being green. I too stumble around in this journey that many people are taking. If your a long time reader, you know how far my journey has come. I started this blog as a way to help people save money and try to live a greener lifestyle. Its not only a way to teach all of you but a huge way to teach and motivate myself. No way did I ever think that we would of come this far. I really want all of you to know that i'm in this journey with you. I'm right along your side trying to figure out whats best for this earth and our wallets. I am a stay at home mom so I have more time than most to research and try things. Many of my readers have jobs and things that makes their time limited. I just try to make it easier for my readers to find information and how to's on ways to save money or be greener.

I too have my downfalls. I have little secrets just like all of you. One of which is my addiction to Pepsi. I have about 2 or 3 a month. And no they are not in can's but instead are the ones you find in plastic. For some reason my brain pretends its not in plastic.  Lately I have had cravings for Dorito's. It started last week when I went to a friends house to visit. Thanks Shelby for calling me out on this. I really could of picked a healthier option but I caved in. To be honest I was at a newly opened Walmart and was just checking the new store out when I saw them at the register. Okay to be honest I was looking for them. See i'm not perfect. I make mistakes just like everyone else in the world.

So this whole topic makes me wonder. Do all you have weaknesses just like me? Let's all band together and let all these secrets out. Name what your weakness is and how you can avoid it in the future.  I will start!

Surviving and thriving on pennies-Pepsi in plastic and Dorito's in plastic bags.  Since I cannot kick the Pepsi habit all the way I can at least buy them in aluminum cans so I can recycle them.  Instead of Dorito's I can find a healthier version like Sun Chips which come in a biodegradable bag.

Now its your turn!


Michele said...

This is my favorite pic of that day too.

My not so perfect things are the make up I can not live without, which I am trying to switch to organic, my addiction to sour candy and my use of toooo much plastic, but hey I recognize and am a work in progress :-)

Anonymous said...

I love the socks!! :)

My not so perfect habit is paper towels. Somehow I just can't stop using them. I always recycle the plastic wrapper on the outside and the paper tube on the inside but I will try to remember to use old rags more often instead.

Denise said...

Thank you for all your encouraging comments! I appreciated your honesty in "revealing little secrets". I am making progress in some areas: making my detergent, hanging laundry, baking bread, even using baking soda for shampoo.

Unfortunately, I am too fond of coca-cola. I have a glass every day with my lunch. What makes me even more embarrassed is that it is from a 2 liter plastic bottle!

Is it possible that we have these little "sins" to keep us humble?

Surviving and thriving on pennies said...

Michele-Not sure how you can get around sour candy. Making your own is no option so hmm.....

Anonymous-I grew up using them as well even with being poor. I think its just a thing you are comfortable with. I was hard for my husband to kick the habit as well. Since I control what goes into this home, I just stopped buying them and he had no choice. He he. You can do it!

Denise-You sound like your doing a great job. We can both quit the plastic soda habit together. Just say no to plastic!

I think its good that we have our little sins. It means that were not perfect and human just like everyone else. So if this means i'm humble then I welcome it.