Friday, September 10, 2010

There go my babies

Another reason I have been absent recently. Not only do I have my race on Sunday to train for but I also have been dealing with this. My babies are in Kindergarten! They are no longer babies or so they tell me so. Whatever. Note the adorable snack bags I just bought them off Etsy. I just love the fabric, so adorable. Also note the book bags. These were my oldest girls bags that I saved for 2 years. Saved me some money!
 No more I love you mommy. Its now all about how smart their teacher is, their teacher does this, their teacher does that, blah blah. Okay so i'm selfish and want to keep my babies all to myself. Well....just for a minute. They start being turds and i'm skipping all the way to school. Telling them I love them and hugging them all while in my head i'm screaming "Yahoooo!".

Now I have two and a half hours to myself each day. The first 5 minutes I cherish the quiet house. Then it gets too quiet and I turn on the radio.  I get some laundry done, dishes done, and just when I sit down to relax....they come home. But instead of mad faces they have happy faces and actually miss me. You try keeping up with 2 little girls screaming about all the cool things they did all while tossing out papers everywhere showing you all the stuff they colored. Its very hectic when they get home.

There go my babies. Here comes my big girls. Mommy is sad.


Margie said...

awww...they are so cute and I love their snack bag too!

Surviving and thriving on pennies said...

We have a good collection of these type of bags. I have found them in Oregon New Seasons stores for about $5 each. If I really wanted to save money I could probably try to make my own. This would mean I would have to drag my sewing machine out of the garage. I'm much too lazy for that lol.