Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Digging for savings

Oh how I love Goodwill Outlet. If you have never been to one then you need to find one near you. Unlike regular Goodwill stores where everything is hung up for you to browse through, the outlets are just bins full of stuff that you have to dig through. When you decide to go you need to prepare yourself. If have never been to a thrift store or just do not like shopping in them, then I would advise bringing rubber gloves. Since I grew up basically going to all these types of stores I don't have to wear gloves. There's nothing I haven't seen in these places and I simply wash my hands when I'm done shopping. You also want to set aside at least two hours for digging. Yes you read that right I said digging. They do have separate bins but you have to dig for what you want.

Clothes- All clothing is thrown into this bin. No matter what size, shape, or color. Its in there and you have to dig for what you want. Make sure you know your families sizes so you don't waste your money and buy things they won't fit.

Shoes-All shoes are thrown into this bin. They do keep matches together with rubber bands but after a couple of hours of people digging through them its impossible to find matches at times. I usually will shop in this bin first when I get to the store.

Glass-Anything glass related will be in this bin. Plates, cups, crock pots, candle holders, etc. This bin you want to be careful in. I usually will just look over everything and not touch unless i'm really interested in something. My last visit I struck gold and found two boxes of vintage mason jars.

Books-You will find every single type of book in this bin. Old, new, hard cover, soft cover, and children books.

Misc-This is the interesting bin. You name it, its there. Christmas decorations, rugs, sports equipment, Tupperware, toys, etc. This bin is hard to dig in but worth it. I usually will find something I like in this bin.  

Furniture Section- This section is in the back.  Furniture is pretty cheap and you can always count on finding things for $5 or less.  I found my daughters dresser for only $1, my other daughters desk chair for only $5 and so on. Its very random what you will find and if you see something you like you have to take it then. It won't be there later.

TV Section-They have a wall of TV's all on for you to shop from. No more not knowing it its going to work or not. You just pick which one you want and buy it. They are not fancy TV's but hey they are cheap and work.

Goody Bags-Up by the register there are bags filled with everything you can think of. Lotions, soaps, perfume, etc. These are very large and usually cost about $6.

To me this place is worth the digging. When you gather over 25lbs of items you pay only 89 cents per pound. Thats super cheap. Literally each shirt you get is maybe 10 cents each. A pair of shoe's might be 50 cents.   And when you have a large family like mine and a small budget, this place is your best friend. Take for example....

Seriously how cute are these? These are the most adorable leather heels. New these probably would of retailed for at least $50. I think I paid maybe 50 cents for them. Sweet deal if you ask me.

And then I found these. Again they are leather and would be at least $50 new. I paid a whopping 50 cents for them. Normally I would not waste my money on shoe's that I was not sure if I was going to wear or not. But for 50 cents I will buy lots of shoe's and play around with them in my wardrobe. Funky huh? Love them.
And look at this little gold nugget.  I have this thing for old books and it was calling out my name when I walked by. Just look at this man on the front. He doesn't look very happy. This book is called Samantha at Saratoga or "Racin After Fashion" by Josiah Allens Wife (Marietta Holley) 1887. I'm no bookworm and maybe I will read it or maybe I won't. I just love buying them and putting them on display. Speaking of display....
COME ON!!! How frickin adorable is this! A real silver spoon bent into a book/plate display. My daughter found it and showed me because she was confused why someone would bend a fork. I on the other hand screamed inside my head. I MUST HAVE IT! Now my pretty little old book can be displayed. Yeah!
This is a picture from the book above that I had to show you. Look at the lady in the water bath. See her hand trying to get her man over to the water? Just look at the expression on his face. "Who me?". Just think about it. This book was made in 1887 and i'm sure back then this was risky. It's like I have 1887 porn! lol.  Looks as if I might have to read this book.

So as you can see its worth shopping at these stores. I took home a little over 30 pounds of clothing and the above items for only $36. Man I love this store!


Simply Green said...

WOW Thats crazy prices! I wish we had one of those up here!

Betsy (Eco-novice) said...

Wow, great finds. Although I find that now that I have kids and have less free time, I am less patient with thrift shopping. I still love, but if I leave empty handed, then I feel pretty cheated. And I usually only have an hour or less to do it sans kids. The Goodwill Outlet sounds like a place my siblings took me once in Boston -- dollar per pound. I still have the full length wool coat there I got for, I don't know, $3?