Monday, October 4, 2010

I suck....well sorta

Yeah yeah yeah, I know I haven't been blogging much lately. Once again I have signed up to do another race so my brain has been in training mode all week. Well not really. You see I know I need to train but I have not gone to the gym. Keep telling myself I need to go but things just come up.

I planned on starting my training on Friday but the mulch I ordered 2 weeks ago finally came and it has to be taken care of immediately because its organic mulch and will start to break down fast.

 So here is a picture of the house when we were looking at buying it. Notice the old fence and railroad ties. Yeah so that fence fell over completely since then.  All those flower beds were great at first. Then I realized they used pressure treated wood to make them so they had to go.  The huge one in the back was also taken out.   See all that nasty bark dust?  All I see here is horrible chemical filled stuff around our property. Our number one mission was to rid our property from all this stuff. We also painted the house. Warm yellow and baby blue was not our thing.
So this is the updated backyard.  Fence fell over so we took the whole thing out. Railroad ties were taken to the dump (with a hefty $250 bill!) and a retaining wall was built. Then a beautiful fence was built. My amazing husband did all that work himself. We added the cute little gated garden fence in the back to keep my dog out. She likes my produce a little too much.  There was some horrible bulb type flowers next to my home by the garden gate.  My neighbor Jessica came over and pulled them all out. Your awesome Jessica!  Ahh much better.  Along the right side of my home you can see the new tree we planted and my pumpkin patch which is located under my daughter's window so she can watch it them grow.   Our grass is horrible but that will have to wait till next year. For now i'm just happy its green. See all that mulch? Yep, thats what Ive been moving all weekend.

This is my garden area before. We have yet to replace the fence and still have the compost bin system you see in the back. Everything else has changed completely.
This is the area next to my compost bins. Ive added my garden bench, a metal shelf and my new addition is the small bench you see on the left. The pots and that bench were free from my neighbors. Actually this is my goal for today. Add dirt, plants and moved to other places.  You can see the mulch on the ground that I spread all weekend. This is the 3rd layer of mulch Ive added. Should keep the weeds at bay and make it easier to pull them.

All this mulch I have been getting was completely free. My neighbor works for a tree company that chops up tree branches and will deliver it to you free. I just love the smell of it, the color of it and of course because its free!

See I suck but don't suck so much. That doesn't make any sense....oh well. You get the idea.


Jason V said...

I'm surprised that you couldn't list the RR ties on Craigslist Free section and have someone pick them up.
I guess you don't want to poison anyone else either? :)

Simply Green said...

Looks like a fantastic and total turn around. My dream yard looks almost exactly like that. It's beautiful.

Surviving and thriving on pennies said...

Thanks everyone!
Jason V-Those RR ties have been there since my house was built in 1967. Some were broken and some were still perfect. We were just happy to have them gone to be honest. I didn't want to have the thought of giving someone else my chemical filled RR ties on my conscience. Ive heard of people using them to make garden beds. Yikes!
Thank you Simply Green! We worked very hard to make a chemical free yard for our children. Next year i'm going to be planting this like crazy. And yes you all will be seeing pictures. Love it!