Thursday, October 7, 2010

Stand up!

Yesterday was a typical day for the most part. Until I checked my Facebook that is. My favorite snack kicked me in the throat. Well sorta. Sun Chips announced that it was taking away our beloved compostable bag. Well to please us they will be keeping the original Sun Chips in the compostable bag. This really makes me mad on so many levels. 
Here is what Sun Chips wrote as their status.

"There have been some questions about our compostable bag, so we wanted to set your minds at ease. The compostable bag isn't going away. We're committed to renewable packaging solutions and will continue to use 100% compostable packaging on specially-marked Original flavor SunChips® snacks. In the meantime we're busy working on the next-generation bag that addresses consumer feedback, so stay tuned." Sun Chips Facebook page Tuesday Sept 5th 2010.

Today when I woke up I was very angry. Maybe my night of sleep charged my batteries, I don't know. But I do know I was pist off. Yes I said it, PIST OFF!  Now all those would be compostable bags will be replaced with plastic ones. Oh Beth from FPF would be so proud of me. The thought of all that plastic makes me sick! I thought that Frito Lay was taking a step in the right direction. I actually had warm fuzzies in my tummy. Literally. I had hope. I had even shared SunChips Facebook page with all my friends. I feel dooped. 

So today I stood up and said "NO MORE!" Well not literally but in my mind I did. So I picked up my laptop and decided to stand up for what I believe. I created a new group on Facebook called boycott Frito Lay/Sun Chips. There you can find Frito Lays phone number, website, and phone number. Please take a moment of your time and express how you feel about Frito Lays dumb decision to take away compostable bags. If we ban together maybe we can make a difference. Lets share my new Facebook group and start the process. We can make a difference because we are the consumers. We determine which products make it and which don't. If we don't buy it they will have to bring it back or come up with new compostable bags. Nuff said.


Lisa Sharp said...

I think it's dumb that people were so upset with the bag but I don't think that is the biggest issue with Sunchips. They are full of terrible ingredients, including GMOs. The plain ones are better than some chips but still.

Surviving and thriving on pennies said...

I would have to agree with you. We rarely ever have any chips (except for when I binge on Doritos once every few months) because of all the ingredients in them. Sun Chips are my chips of choice usually because of the packaging. I was excited to see all the companies who would follow in their footsteps. Well that is until yesterday. So dumb.

Anonymous said...

I do not have a Facebook page but I will inform everyone that I can about Frito lays change in the Sun Chip bags.