Monday, February 7, 2011

$50 a week

Good afternoon everyone!
Had a great day today. I think I did pretty good this week and even have a little wiggle room for things later in the week.

New Seasons

$1.25 Corn Tortilla's
$2.40 (20 cents each) a dozen brown beautiful egg's
$4.99 Gallon Organic Whole Milk
$6.13 8 bratwurst sausage links. hormone free. 8 total which I can make 4 meals out of.
$3.00 Organic Romain Lettuce (2 total). On sale for $1.50 each.

Total minus 5 cent bag refund=$17.72
I wasn't lucky enough to snag marked down fresh pasta this time which isn't a big deal because I still have some in my freezer from last week.

Whole Foods

$1.49 Rice Cakes ( had coupon for $1 off which is why they were so cheap) these will be eaten for breakfast.
$2.99 Organic sweet pickles
$2.99 bag of cat food -great quality food at a cheap price because its Whole Foods brand.
$1.62 one pound of bulk yellow split pea
$1.49 Hormone free Sunshine Dairy half n half
$3.75 one pound of cheddar cheese my husband begged me to get. (working on getting our dependency for cheese down)
$5.99 Extra Virgin Olive Oil
$1.59  Baking cups (compostable recycled paper made)
$3.58 two can's of organic crushed tomato with basil
$1.38 fresh mushrooms .Actually they over charged me. Mushrooms were on sale for $3.99 per lb but she charged me for organic garlic which is $5.99 per pound. Annoys the hell out of me but I wont waste my time going in for a handful of change.

Total with 10 cent bag donation to charity=26.87


Apple and banana in picture are free from Whole Foods. Kids under 12 can get a membership card and get a treat each time they come with me to shop.  My kids picked out fruit but sometimes there are fruit leathers there too. That's a pound of fruit free each time I visit. Sometimes they have coloring pictures and stickers too. Kids just love that stuff.

For those wondering about the sausage links. I use about 2 links of sausage per meal because they are rather large and very flavorful.  Usually we use sausage with rice and egg's but sometimes I will just saute vegetables and add the sausage in for flavor.  I love cooking with sausage because it really had tons of flavor and you need very little of it. I simply cut open the link and saute the crumbled meat. Pretty easy huh?

I bought thirty pounds of apples last week so there is no need to buy any fruit this week.  I will be peeling, cutting and dehydrating more tomorrow because my girls have already gone through my first batch of dried apple slices.  I will make another batch of apple sauce too.

This week will consist of using up bulk noodles I bought in the beginning of January. We have eaten so much rice lately that I am just burned out from it.  Also will be using up the 15 pounds of potatoes I bought too.  I need to use up some zucchini I shredded and froze last year.  And also lots of pumpkin I pureed and froze last year as well. Need to use things up so I can get the containers free for when my garden get's going. I might head on out to my grandma's place and try to open up all those beautiful jars full of food. Maybe I can use them this year and save myself some money.

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