Sunday, February 13, 2011

$50 a week

Today was just a wonderful day for me. Traffic wasn't bad and I had my shopping partner who happens to be the cutest daughter ever. Hi Hailey! Love you!

New Seasons

$9.71 Beef bones (ask the deli counter for them). I asked a few days ago and they told me when they would come in.  These will be used for making beef broth. After i'm done with them I give them to my dog for a treat.

$4.99 Gallon of Organic Milk

$6.82 Garlic Pork Sausage Links. Bought 8 links which I can get 4 meals from.  On sale for $2.99 per pound. What a deal!  Excited to try the garlic kind.

$3.98 2 packs of fresh pasta marked down to half price. Scored only 2 this time but I still have some left over from a few weeks ago so were good.

$2.04 A dozen vegetarian fed free range eggs. I actually bought brown eggs but for some reason they charged me for white. They saved me about 40 cents. I'll take it! White are 17 cents each and brown are 20 cents each. Brown eggs are cheaper when bought by the single egg. They give you cartons to get them home.

$2.29 Bulk Dried Currents. My girls use this with their oatmeal in the mornings. $4.49 per lb.

$1.70 One bunch of celery.

$1,72 One bunch of bock choy

$1.50 One bunch of rainbow chard. (sale)

$2.16 Organic banana's

Bag refund -10 cents



$1.49 Half n half

$3.00 Three pound bag of pears (local to me)

FREE Orange. Each kid can get a Whole Foods Kids Card which allows your children to take one treat home for free each visit. Hailey chose a orange.

FREE Loaf of bread (just did a review of this company). On their Facebook they had a day where if you emailed the company they would send you a coupon for a free loaf of their bread. I quickly emailed them without realizing it was from a month ago. One of my more stupid moments. Well 1 day later I received a envelope in the mail with a free coupon. SWEET!!!

FREE 4 Soaps you see pictured are made by Primal. Handmade soap is usually sold by the ounce. We were smelling them when my friend Beth (who works for WF) and she gave them to me because they were the ends and not in the best shape. SWEET!!! I will of course review these. They smell so yummy!

10 cent bag credit was donated to a local good cause.



While we were at Whole Foods my daughter signed up for a contest where one lucky person will win free cooking lessons of their choice. Hailey wrote down homemade pasta. An hour later I received a phone call GUESS WHO WON?? You bet! Hailey won! She get's to invite 2 friends. She will learn how to make several fresh pasta's and sauce to go along with them.  Of course I will take lots of pictures. Exciting!

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