Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Valentines is near

Oh how I love Valentines Day! I remember how excited it was to go to school and see who put their valentines in your pretty valentines box you worked so hard on creating. I would count how many I had and eat all the candy hearts till my tummy would hurt. My new favorite thing for valentines is all the lovely cards my children make for me. I just love the cute little rustic hearts my twins draw.

Over the years we have done our share of buying boxed cards and candy. Honestly it was kind of a let down buying those. First of all some of them have a plastic coating on them so you cannot recycle them. Then you almost always give out the same ones other people give out. No originality at all. And then there's the money aspect. I have to buy for four children and it really does add up. About three years ago we decided to make our own cards. One year we did simple square sheets of paper with a stamp that said Happy Valentines Day. Another year we glued seeds onto the paper and told people they could plant their valentine. And another year we melted down crayons into hearts and gave those with our handmade cards. There really are endless idea's when it comes to showing how much you really love someone.

So what are your plans this year? Stumped? Here are a few things to chew on!

Learn how to make your own melted crayon hearts.

Make your own grocery bag cards. Think we will be doing these this year. Love these!

Learn how to make your own  and try to use paper from your recycling bin. This will cut cost all together.

Get tons of Valentines Day craft idea's at Craftbits. Way too many for me to show you. Love this!

And last but not least my favorite green craft site ever! Head on over to crafting a green world to find more exciting craft projects like the ones above. I would suggest signing up for their rss feed and becoming a fan of theirs.

And as always SHARE your idea's with me! Submit your pictures on my Facebook too!


Diane said...

We made Valentines too when my daughter was in grade school. A couple I remember: origami jumping frogs and stamped bookmarks.

Sonia said...

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